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I’m so excited to share that I have been made an ambassador for the range that has hit Woolworths across the country: Created with Jamie. I have long been a HUGE fan of anything Jamie does. I love his style of cooking: non-fussy, easy, fresh and healthy and ALWAYS tasty – I don’t think I have ever made anything of his that hasn’t been good. This range that has hit Woolworths around the country hits all the marks for me. Firstly, it’s tasty food. I know that it’s going to be packed with flavour. I know that the produce he has chosen is from locally sourced products. I know that it’s convenient and going to be easy to cook and I know that I can make my own sides to go with it so it’s one step of the dinner that has already been done for me when I’m feeling tired or too busy.

I went off to Woolies head office last week to learn a little about the range and taste a few of the products that have been created for summer and then I hit my local Woolies to see what was available and test it out in my own kitchen.

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The range has expanded from the launch of the Created with Jamie range in May 2014 with meat lines like meatballs and meatloaf to fresh salmon, salads, BBQ meats and indulgent desserts – all perfect for summer entertaining.

While this all sounds good I was keen to actually go to the supermarket to see what was available and how it turned out in my own kitchen. I sampled the 3 of the chicken options within the range…all fresh and available in the meat section of the supermarket (over near the organic meats) all priced under $16, all feeding my family of 4, ready to be served up with whatever sides you might usually create….perfect for long summer evenings ahead of us all.

Wicked Chicken Skewers (thigh fillets)
500 grams $10. 15


I whacked these under a hot grill for 15 or so mins. Marinated in North African spice blend Ras El Hanout can be barbequed or fried.

IMG_3945 IMG_3955 IMG_3958


Such great flavour from the spices…they crisped up beautifully under the grill and remained tender and juicy inside (I always prefer the thigh fillet for this reason). Jamie suggests that they be teamed up with a lemon cous cous salad or rolled up in crunchy lettuce with fresh coriander and mint leaves. YUM.

Crispy Parmesan & Tomato Smashin’ Chicken fillets (breast fillets)
585 grams $12.26


These breast fillets come with a packet of breadcrumbs that you mix with olive oil and press onto the fillets before cooking in a hot fry pan. There are huge shavings of fresh Parmesan over a tomato marination and then basil breadcrumbs.

IMG_3930 IMG_3933

There weren’t enough breadcrumbs to completely cover all 4 of my fillets so when the Parmesan hit the pan it tended to brown and cook quickly. The suggested cooking time was 4-6 minutes each side, I would say I cooked them slightly longer and finished the hot pan off in the oven for a few minutes because I was getting too much colour in the pan.



Just such a tasty piece of chicken…like a tastier parmigiana or schnitzel. Tender chicken with a great crust and good flavour. Jamie suggests cooking these with chargrilled zucchini slices and red chilli or lemony rocket and I would do that too! Would also make a delicious sambo on a lazy Saturday afternoon.

IMG_3971 IMG_3977 IMG_3984

Lemon Pepper Smashin’ Chicken Fillets (breast fillets)
700 grams $15. 23

IMG_3840 IMG_3843

The packs come much like any supermarket meat except they have all been marinated ready for you to whack in your pan/grill.


These lemon pepper fillets include a half a lemon, which you place in the pan with the chicken when it’s cooking. I whacked them in a hot fry pan for 6 mins or so each side (the packet said 10 mins but I found the thicker breasts needed a little longer).

IMG_3854 IMG_3863 IMG_3866 IMG_3881


Delicious! Great lemon flavour and cooked up with a great colour and lots of juice inside. Jamie suggests to serve with smashed sweet potato, broccolini & olives I’d serve with roasted potatoes and a salad or cut up in wraps. Really very tasty, quick and delicious with that cooked lemon over its back…looked great too!

I would happily get any of these 3 chicken dishes again for the family. Mid week dinners can suck the very life out of a tired mother, throw in after school activities or work and you may find yourself cutting corners and being lazy. Having the meat prepped and ready to go in your fridge with just sides to be made by you is a no brainer for me. The freshness and flavours really lived up to their promises.

Created with Jamie has been created exclusively for Woolworths and is available in stores nation wide. You can find out more on their Facebook page here or online here.

Have you tried any of this new range?
What did YOU think?


  1. I am salivating now!!! I love Jamie O too. His rustic style of cooking and his chat on his shows 🙂 Saying that, I am not a Woolies shopper but maybe it’s time I go there and check out Jamie’s food

    • These are well worth a visit…excellent taste and quality and perfect for the nights when you don’t have time to prepare anything else!

  2. I’m a Jamie fan. I like the products I’ve tried so far too. I got the peppered rump steak. Best rump from a supermarket in ages. Too spicy for kidlets, but I just scraped off some of the delish outside for them. I get the meatballs for a lazy kid happy meal. I hate prepping (and even cooking) meat so glad to see a decent preprepped meat range that tastes good.

  3. Ive tried the beef roast which was really good but had a little too much spice for the kids.
    By the way, congratulations on your happy news! As a mama of 3 I can tell you that the third time around is the charm!

  4. I’m totes going to try something from the range tonight because a) I have just spent about 100 hours trying to sort something out in the Australian passport office which has caused me to lose the will to cook (and do pretty much anything else) and b) it all looks delish!

  5. I’ve used them too. Recently one of my cheeky sons gave me a 10/10 for the Parmesan chicken fillets. (He watches way too much TV!). The meatloaf is also yummy.

  6. We’ve had those lemon ones quite a few times … so easy for a mid-week dinner!

  7. Gosh I love Jamie! He is doing things with melted butter on my tv right now. butttterrrrrrrrrrrr xx

  8. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Thank you Beth I love anything Jamie Oliver too ,I will have to try these!

  9. Cheekiechops says

    I didn’t know they existed but would be handy for hungry teens in household esp. I love JO’s meals too& I love those bowls of his I get for half price at Woolies.

  10. they look great beth!
    anything to do with Jamie has my votes!
    his food and his educating the masses … all good! love m:)X

  11. I



    So happy he has once again made life so easy for us busy Mums.

    Great post babe, I’m licking the screen and fantasising about Jamie ha ha #foodporn!


  12. SORTED, that’s my Tuesday nights (dancing night) now sorted, throw on Barbie with some corn wrapped in foil and viola – easy dinner… Thanks Beth

  13. We don’t usually pop into woolworths, so I would never have known about the range. The lemon ones look delish! It’s defs make a great mid week meal when I have the can’t be bothereds. Thanks Beth x

  14. ALL THE CHICKEN!!! Loving the Jamie stuff and loving the excuse I have to eat it ALL THE TIME. It’s for work yo.

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