A Summer’s Eve

Edited to add 12.50pm: Plenty of requests for the recipe so have whacked it in below, and also on my Facebook page.

Last night we had our first dinner outside for the Summer. We got home from ballet, the kids were feral and tired, so we headed outside to let the last bit of the day soothe us all. My star jasmines have also just all bloomed so the smell on the side verandah is AMAZING.

Cosy dinners by the fire are nice, but there is something about summer isn’t there? With no shoes, a warm breeze and light that’s also very good indeed.

Gin and tonics sipped on while getting an easy BBQ together are the business.

We had a simple cabbage noodle salad that’s on regular rotation round these parts in summer. Daisy ADORES this salad and would eat and entire bowl of it if she could.

This, to me, is a perfect summer dinner.

After dinner we threw the girls in the bath and came back outside to finish our drinks and have a natter.

I have to say that Harper was particularly revolting during this dinner. Hilarious, but revolting nonetheless. Daisy is learning for the School choir the song by James Taylor – You’ve got a Friend – and she sat and sang it to us in her beautiful voice, then when she was done, feral guts AKA Harps, sang her own version. Which went like this:

“Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall
All you gotta do is ring up (that bit was my favourite)
And I’ll be a poo wee
You’ve got a poo. You’ve got a wee”

Charming. And very funny.

Recipe for salad:


  1. Yum! Changs, cabbage, spring onion? What’s your dressing??

  2. You’re a girl after my own heart Beth! We too had a BBQ last night..with the same noodle salad..one of our favorites and G&T’s…but minus the choir!? Hilarious!
    Annie M

  3. Bahahahaha! Sorry, can laugh because not there πŸ™‚

  4. Did you know you can buy the dressing in a bottle?? I have only found it at woolies but so`worth it as we eat this at least once or twice a week!!

  5. Ooooh Beth give us a recipe for that salad, that dinner is what I need – I just need someone to make it for me each night..

  6. nice one, will be giving that salad a go!

  7. Love a bit of toilet humour at the dinner table!

  8. haha! I remember making up songs and singing them to my parents as a kid, priceless. poo and wee is so funny when you’re small πŸ˜‰

  9. Loving alfresco dining at the moment. And we’re loving sitting outside in our garden after the kids are all in bed, icy drink in hand. That salad is getting made here to tonight!

  10. I have season envy, sat here in my pj’s with a minus 1 frost and full central heating on in wintry England. Looks like a lovely evening

  11. OHH recipe pls.. Changs..is that the brand of noodles with the dressing recipe? and then just cabagge and spring onion? might do that one tonight…

  12. Yes me too please….full recipe. Red cabbage and crunchy noodles two of my faves.

  13. Glad to see my boys are not the only ones to substitute poo & wee into songs! But we also get fart, bum & occasionally penis throw in too- fun times lol

  14. We love that salad too, so easy and delicious. Don’t you love toilet talk, my son is very good at throwing the odd “poo” and “wee” word around at the dinner table.

    Enjoy the first weekend of summer πŸ™‚

    V x

  15. The noodle salad is a favourite here too, thankfully we are beyond the poo and wee is funny stage! I’ve been searching for a narrow and not expensive table for my veranda so we can enjoy the summer evenings here (although being in the middle of cattle country there are rather a lot of flies..wonder what song harper could make of that?).

  16. We love this time of year and dinners outside. My little one would be singing Harpers version of the song and her dad would being singing right along with her. They enjoy the toilet humour together.

    Your garden is looking gorgeous!

  17. Oh, I can exactly hear that song. My daughter was asking if we could set up the chairs in the front garden to watch the sunset last night – nice idea but I was doing the dinner and bed chaos solo after a busy afternoon out! We’ve already started eating outside though, so nice!!

  18. Oh I do so love a good poo lyric….

  19. This salad has been a family favourite for ages. I also add some cooked chicken to the salad and it becomes a meal on its own.
    In regards to Harper, it could be worse when my daughter was her ages she had a delightful habit of asking everyone if they had vagina or a penis.


  20. Love the jasmine smell. The cicadas were going crazy in Melbourne last night at 34 deg’s. Think I have finally found a Xmas gift idea for Mumsie to give my fiance- she’s been bugging me for weeks. He (and by extension me!) need some lovely grown-up tumblers like yours for our G&T’s…

  21. great recipe Beth and I’m glad my kids aren’t the only ones that add their own “poo and wee” lyrics into songs x

  22. Love that salad, perfect for eating outside. It always feels like you’re on holidays when you eat out in the fresh air, every night here.
    Those lyrics still make an appearance here every now and then too x

  23. Bahaha! Oh gosh I was starting to worry that my 3yo was a sociopath with all the bum poo wee stuff!

  24. Found the salad recipe through Google so printed it out and will try it. Sounds delicious. Love the star jasmine. Ours is ordinary jasmine with no scent (perhaps as well with my hay fever). Don’t worry about the poo and wee thingie. When my son was very small and didn’t talk a lot he would get mad with people and stand there defiantly saying ‘you poo poo’ or ‘you wee wee’ because he didn’t know any really bad words. I can still see him doing it and he is now 55 so a memory that has been retained for a long time. lol

  25. I was introduced to this salad years ago and fell in love! It’s a popular one amongst the family, and now that Changs do gluten free noodles my husband can enjoy it too! Win win!

  26. I’ve only ever used chang noodles to make chocolate spiders. I need to make this salad if it means my kids will eat cabbage. I can only hope.

  27. Daisy is like a TEENAGER in that shot above.

    P.S that salad is one I have nearly every week during Summer!


    P.P.S sorry for the comment bombing, I feel like I never get to read my fave blogs any more now that I don’t work night shifts, & don’t have 10 hours to kill every night πŸ˜‰

    I love your blog Beth, sorry I haven’t been around more, this working Mother caper is such a juggling act, aint’ it?

    I’ve been watching on from afar with pride nonetheless πŸ™‚

    Go you good thing x



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