Easter table idea

For fear of getting my eyes poked out for calling this an Easter table scape (!!) I wanted to share with you an idea for your table this Easter. Sure, it looks and smells like a table scape, but let’s call it an Easter setting instead shall we? Good.I thought of a little idea for your table setting that even though we are in autumn, is an ode to the spring settings that we often see at Easter time – new growth, new life and all that! We have grown mustard seeds in the tops of cracked egg shells in what could almost be considered craft(!) for the girls at home before, which have been great fun, and are dead easy and cheap to do. Instead of using egg shells, I thought that a wee terracotta pot for each person at the table, with some grass growing and then even a little egg hidden in the middle would be a little bit perfect for Easter. With a few weeks left before Easter, this is the perfect time to do this.Yes? Yes!

You’ll need:
: mustard, grass, wheat grass or any kind of green seeds that are fast to grow (I could only find cress)
: small terracotta pots
: potting mixture
: small people to help (optional, however quite handy to have around)

: Fill a small amount of potting mixture into the pots

: Add in a few seeds into each (Harper added plenty with gusto) and cover with remaining soil

: Water and leave in a sunny spot to grow for the next 2 weeks

You should hopefully see sprouts in a few days and have a little bit of length for Easter Sunday which is in just over 2 weeks time. You could hide a wee chocolate egg in each pot, or place a name card around each – whatever takes your fancy. Perfect for the Easter table!

Do you work out a table scape, I mean table SETTING for Easter Sunday?
Want to poke me in the eyes?
Actually, don’t answer that.

There are quite a few other Easter table setting ideas in BEVERLEY for your iPad. The app is available for download from the  iTunes store now and the issues themselves, including the latest one, are available from the store within the app itself (once it’s on your iPad). In other words – if you’ve already downloaded the BEVERLEY app – the latest issue will be found within the store on the app itself – no need to go to itunes! Find BEVERLEY on Facebook if you have any trouble or questions.


  1. Does putting cutlery and napkins count? If so, then, yes I do! 😉

  2. Cute idea but I couldn’t do it…3yo would climb on table and disperse contents everywhere…
    What are you cooking for easter?
    Some food ideas could be good!

  3. Absolutely do a tablescape! Love the pastels for Easter. Even contemplating a wreath!

  4. Would you look at that? Very crafty! 🙂 The most effort I have ever put in to my table scape (I had never heard that expression before today!) is throwing that pastel shredded paper down as a runner and strewing it with eggs. Strewing? Is that a word? Phone dictionary says ‘yes’.

  5. Hi,
    I’m not a blogger but an avid reader/subscriber for just over 3 years and just wanted to give some honest feedback because I’m going to stop subscribing.
    Since you brought to readers attention that things have been said on GOMI, many of your blog posts are loaded with aussie clique crap and it doesn’t make it very pleasant to read your words anymore. We aren’t all bloggers who want to be you bff, some of us just want to read and see some pretty.
    If I’m off the mark and “not a scape but a setting” isn’t related to GOMI/trolls I’m sorry but the passive aggressiveness comes across immature and not what I thought I’d read here. I really wanted to poke your eyes out because you made such a point of it!
    Think of this feedback as an honest review much like you would do for a company. I felt you would want to know this information about your blog because its a business after all.
    On a lighter note I would love to be able to buy Beverly in an Android version or something I could read on a standard computer, I understand you go to so much work and explained how your investigating the profitability/feasibility of it all but I was annoyed that it was “i” exclusive and could not recommend it to anyone as I couldn’t access it because I don’t own an ipad.
    Thanks for reading.

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