Just call me Bev: Salmon one pot wonder

You know what’s awesome? Sleeping through the night without being woken one time. That first taste of a crisp champagne bubbling on your lips. Hopping into bed on clean sheet day. AND being able to cook dinner in just one pan with just one lot of washing up. Now this is a perfect mid week dinner…whipped up in just 50 mins from go to whoa, but you could make it quicker if you pre-microwaved (or boiled) your potatoes before roasting. But that would mean messing up another dish…One pan Salmon
: Potatoes
: 2 small pieces salmon
: Bag washed baby spinach
: Lemon: Cut a few potatoes into wedges

: Throw into a roasting pan with some olive oil, salt & pepps. Whack into a hot oven (220 degrees) to roast until crispy (takes my oven about 35 to 40 mins). I have a scan pan roasting pan (medium size) and dead set, it’s the business. It gets used a few times a week and it’s still the best non stick pan I’ve come across.

: Take some salmon (I have started to grab these packaged ones from Aldi because we don’t have a great supply of fresh seafood down here and it’s easy, cheap and delicious)

: Once the potatoes are almost done open the oven, move the potatoes aside and whack the salmon into the pan skin side down into the sizzling oil. Put back in the oven for 5-6 mins

: After 5 mins it will be cooked and look like this. Take the pan out of the oven

: Throw the entire pack of spinach into the pan, pushing the cooked salmon down to one end so you can toss the spinach with the potatoes

: Serve up with a show pony CHEEK of lemon. Looks all restaurant like. You could also add a dollop of aioli if you wanted. Neigh!

: Get stuck in and be smug with your little to no washing up, the fact that you cooked fish AND it cost nothing. Winning!


  1. dude, you know i am trotting this one out quick smart. looks delicious!

  2. A variation on what I had last night and it is good and easy. I’ve bought the Aldi salmon for years and it’s always fine. Not so keen on the prawns however.

    Try cutting a bulb of fennel into thin pieces and use as a bed under the salmon in baking tray instead of the potatoes. Or a warm salad of lightly cooked fennel dressed with chunks of blood orange and some olive oil.

  3. Bev / Beth. I am NEW and i LOVE your blog. I am thrilled to have come across it on a work day so i can pour over it uninterupted by infants. Marvellous. It sings to me. One pot meals. Champas. Smugness in serving fish. Clean sheet day. No wake ups in the night. These are the core ingredients of a happy life. Go well. Jx

  4. Yum! I’m a fan of Aldi Salmon, I’ll be trying this one for sure. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I’m going to try this one. I’m not a huge salmon fan, but think this could change things. Thanks Bev. πŸ˜‰

  6. Nom nom! Gonna be making this STAT! Thanks, love your style Beth <3

  7. Traci Sparkle says


  8. I’m obsessed with clean sheets. Sometimes I change them daily, just because I can.

    We endorse 1 pan cooking 100% round these here parts.

  9. Yummy

  10. Major winner, that’s what you are. Anything for a yummy easy good looking meal, esp weeknight, oh my, its nutritious too>

  11. Oh yum. Looks fabulous, easy and doesn’t trash the whole kitchen – my ingredients for a winner!

  12. Brilliant.
    Even I could manage this.
    It’s on the menu now.
    πŸ™‚ x

  13. Holy shit, I am so making this tomorrow. Genius! xx

  14. I’ll take three thanks!
    And hit me with some aioli!

    Thanks for the recipe…this one will be in the rotation next week for sure!

  15. Wow, that looks to be one delicious meal. I will try it but not sure we have Aldi salmon here in Perth. Have to check out the supermarkets to see if they have it. I can’t afford huge chunks of salmon at about $30/kg so smaller pieces would be good. Thanks for the recipe. xx

  16. just made it – it was delicious!AND my 4year old even ate the spinach!

  17. In the oven as I type…. white wine in hand watching trash tv feeling very clever indeed.

    Thanks a mil!


  18. In the oven as I type…. white wine in hand watching trash tv feeling very clever indeed.

    Thanks a mil!


  19. Just wanted to say many thanks for another great recipe (we had great success with the slow roasted lamb shoulder). The whole family loved it and my husband said it had a high show pony factor!

  20. I bet that skin was crispy-delicious after searing on such a hot tray – great idea! I always sear my salmon in a pan and then transfer the oven – not. any. more. πŸ™‚

  21. Howdy Ho…from up yonder and over a bit…USA…done the oven bit with salmon and potatoes but will try the spinach next time….looks yummie….

  22. Beth, today this simple recipe has taken me from ‘survival Mum’ to ‘super Mum’ in my mind.
    I really needed the promotion too.
    Thank you.

  23. Making as we speak now…I’m sure it will be as nice as the haloumi & chorizo salad and the slow-roasted lamb shoulder! Loving your Bev posts!!

  24. Making this tonight. Haven’t cooked salmon before so I hope it works out! x

  25. We ate this tonight. It was a great succes! Delicious! And easy! Thanks a million!

  26. Hi Beth,
    I love your recipes! Thank you for the instagram inspiration for this recipe the other night. I would just like to let you know that I sprinkled this meal with some of Gourmet Girlfriend’s dukkah and it was AMAZING – worth a try!

  27. Anonymous says

    Yum .. What potatoes did you use? I’m never sure which type to go for.

  28. Yummo , thanks for sharing. Am doing this toot sweet x

  29. Stacey Hedderman says

    Oh my stars. Thank you Beth. After a crazy day with my 3 little loves, threw this in the oven, bathed the babies, popped in the salmon, poured the wine in between doing bums and boob and bed and I have taken the tray out of the oven like the ultimate domestic goddess as my husband walked in. Winning. On the dinner rotation blackboard under BabyMac Salmon. Love it.

  30. I’m going to attempt my first Aldi mission with a baby tomorrow – I have avoided due to the whole register situation and not sure whether to bring the pram in (so no trolley). Putting those salmon portions, spinach and nice waxy spuds on the shopping list – don’t tell anyone locally I’m buying potatoes but it’s that time of year where nothing good is available out of the paddock on farm! Ssssshh.

  31. Lyndsey Regan says

    You are singlehandedly making me look awesome Beth! Anne, THE perfect chocolate cake was whipped up in 5 mins on Sunday morning and was ready to greet my MIL with a much needed cuppa as she walked in the door from the airport from London. Tonight I produce BabyMac Salmon like a pro. I’m going to delve further into your Bev posts as I’ve got to keep up my domestic goddess-ness for the rest of her stay!

  32. Incredibly late to the party on this one, but I made it last night and wow! Quick, fresh and the result looked exactly like yours! Love it!!


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