Daisy’s Day

As far as Birthday celebrations go, yesterday’s were home made, a little dodgy, slap dash and perfect. We started the morning eating bacon sambo’s with HP sauce and listening to Steely Dan and getting stuck into some lego construction. As only you should on a Birthday morning.

After School we had a few School friends over for an afternoon tea, a few games and a piece of orange cake lovingly made by Rob.

Once everyone had left it was up to the pub for a well earned drink and some pizza made by someone else. Suited me perfectly.

A very happy day for a (mostly) happy girl!


  1. How adorable are the girls in their school uniforms. Lovely post, lovely pictures, looks like a birthday should 🙂

  2. Dude, looks like a perfect little birthday indeed! xo

  3. Maybe you could throw me a party for my birthday! Looks like the way birthday parties SHOULD be for little girls! Lovely & sweet!

  4. Your little Daisy is gorgeous. I love the photo with her grandmother. Very cute, lovely eyes.

  5. Perfect!

  6. what a perfect day x

  7. How lovely to see a Birthday celebrated in such a laid-back style.

  8. What a fabulous birthday celebration.

  9. A perfect little party Beth. She looks so happy.
    And wow…you can see the resemblance of Father and Daughter in that last shot.
    Great photos as always.
    Pizza cooked by someone else – is on the menu for us tonight too 🙂

  10. Your simple is perfect. Right down to the bunting and the jug of fresh blooms. Go you!

    Love that last pic with daddy x

  11. Those last 2 photos oh melt. She is so sweet. Happy Bday to Daisy and a v cute party.

  12. and the rainbow bunting looks great is it felt or paper?

    • Thank you! It’s paper. But a coated paper which means it’s kind of water proof? Got it online from a company called Hip Hip Hooray or something similar!

  13. I absolutely love your photos. Always so full of expression, love and life.

  14. Gee she looks like Rob. Happy Birthday Daisy Doll.

    (My best friend for the past 36 years – yep, all of them – has been a Daisy too. They’re the most wonderful people, but then again, how could you not be with a lovely, happy name?)

    Gabs x

  15. Awww that all looks totally beautiful lady. Your photos are stunning. That little party table in the garden, with the colourful bunting… just perfect! Such a cool cake too xo

  16. So so beautiful! I certainly looked like a happy day. Happy birthday Daisy xx

  17. When did she grow so big!? Happy Birthday Daisy. Gorgeous girl!

  18. Happy Birthday Daisy!
    Love love love those little glass bottles. x


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