Festival of Family & Christmas 2012

We have had a really lovely Christmas together this year with all of my family. We’ve had long summery hot days spent outside, and now rain and wind and cold with everyone stuck inside going a little stir crazy. There have been endless meals, lots of champagne drunk and {mostly} a very relaxed time together.

Thought you might like to have a sneaky peak.

There was a 7th Birthday party for my niece Mia who has a Boxing Day Birthday.

Christmas Eve was our main day to celebrate as we were all here on that day. We had a long lunch with everyone together – turkey, pork and all the trimmings. It was a big effort for me, but worth every moment to have everyone sit and enjoy a meal together in my home.

After lunch we went down to the pub to see Santa arrive on his pony and give the kids lollies and have a ride on his carriage. We then trotted up the hill to Mass and eventually get soaking wet as we walked home in the rain.

Christmas Day was a much slower (and colder) affair. Present opening in the morning…

And then much lazing around watching kids do many a concert…

A very different kind of Christmas Day lunch – sausages for the kids…

And a 2.30pm brunch for the adults of corn fritters, haloumi, salmon and more champagne of course!

And my Kransekake!

The weather set in with rain, mist and drizzle and when it got below 10 degrees we whacked that fire on!

And spent the rest of the time doing things very slowly indeed.

It’s been wonderful, and exhausting, and noisy and messy and very special indeed. I hope you’ve all had a good Christmas? I’m looking ahead to some quiet days of take away and sunshine some time at the beach and doing nothing much at all.

Sounds pretty good indeed.


  1. it all looks magical beth, and the slowness is very inviting! being interstate with my side of the family, everything was in one place for the whole day which was perfect, finishing the day with a lovely stroll around the marina to spy christmas lights – somewhat balmier on the queensland coast! enjoy these quiet days coming up x

  2. Oh I love your color palette on your Christmas table! I may steal that for next year if thats okay! It looks like you had a lovely day, we did too! Heres to many days of yummy leftovers!

  3. Beautiful Beverley … we are back from her city Christmas ready to relax into a few days of nothing much. Champagne will still flow x

  4. Looks gorgeous Beth. Am so jealous of the fire. It hit 41 degrees here yesterday and is heading that way again today!

  5. Looks like everything an Aussie Christmas should be…. Merry Christmas to you and your family, Beth! x

  6. have eaten my body weight in Christmas food.

    And hit the sales!

    Happy Christmas, love all the food shots.

  7. Happy Christmas. Hope today has seen the food pile diminish. I’m ready for spaghetti on toast for dinner…groan!

  8. What a beautiful family christmas Bev. Hope the sun shines brightly for your beach relaxation. How crap is this farken weather!

  9. Well done you!! I am sure everybody appreciated your efforts. They certainly seem to be enjoying themselves. We could have done with some of your cold and rain over here in Perth….39.6C just was not funny for Christmas day and worse to come later in the week for us. 40C x 2 and 41C x 2 and so it goes on. This is how our summer goes these days. We still had a great Christmas Day though so no complaints. 🙂

  10. Looks absolutely beautiful lady. Your photos are exceptional, you’ve captured so much expression and detail, just perfect. The weather has been a crazy ride this year, but looks like you were well equipped and ready for it. Merry Christmas & a very Happy New Year too you love xoxo

  11. That Kransekake looks AMAZING!!! Lovely photos, thanks for sharing. I have eaten my own bodyweight in Turkey and am drowning in red wine. The detox starts in the New Year

    Lovely post, enjoy the rest of the holidays

  12. It’s lovely that you got to be in the one place……
    It looks like you guys had all of the seasons ;O)
    We were a bit the same here……
    Your Christmas looks absolutely wonderful in the pics Beth.
    Merry Christmas.
    Tania xx

  13. Just as I imagined. I have been thinking about your gravy Bev. A lot. Too much in fact.

    Did you roll a G&T or two?


  14. What a lovely way to spend Christmas.

    Mine was frenetic and half arsed – all at the same time! I even forgot to brush my teeth (or hair!) and don’t even get me started on what I was wearing!!

    My table scape plans fell by the by with all the rain and we ate off plates on our laps in 3 rooms.

    Suffice to say – next year we’re eating out!!

    Gabs x

  15. Happened to stumble upon your blog today. The photo essay is awesome and some of the pictures are exquisite. Plan to visit more often

  16. Looks amazing Beth. So lavish. Merry Christmas and happy 2013!

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