This weekend we are away down the coast with Rob’s side of the family for a reunion of sorts – a coming together of all the cousins and Aunts and Uncles to spend a weekend together and remember Rob’s Grandparents and Aunty. While they have been gone for many years now, it was a great idea by Rob’s cousin to bring the family together for a weekend and celebrate time together as a family.

I love the idea of honouring those that came before us, taking the time to remember them, talk about them and of course celebrate the next generations coming up through the ranks. Every single family is unique and complex – full of history, perhaps some issues or misunderstandings, but always love – and it’s lovely to be reminded of being part of something bigger than yourself, or your own marriage or kids. We are Macdonald’s. I’m very proud to be so now too.

We decided to host a drinks soiree last night ala 1976 in the style of Rob’s Grandma. She was partial to a smoked oyster on a Jatz cracker, a cheese and cayenne pepper biscuit – always washed down with a wine. We grabbed Rob’s Grandmother’s old recipe box and we trawled through and tried to make an homage to her in a drinks party that would take everyone back to 1976. Think home-made French onion dip, think devils on horseback, think rock cakes, think pickled onions on toothpicks with fancy coloured ends. Washed down with some good champagne and wine, we had a fabulous old time.

I think Lyn would have approved.


What’s your favourite retro dish? I have to say it was my first time EVER having a devil on horseback and I have to say, it was quite delicious!


  1. JoCountrylifeexperiment says

    I always partial to a curried egg boat – take the yolk out of boiled eggs, mash with a teaspoon of curry and a little milk, then pipe back into the hole of the white. Classy!

  2. the fella with the mo! i think HE is my fave retro dish of the night.

  3. Love devil on horseback! You can’t go past a prawn cocktail with iceberg lettuce and thousand island sauce – classic!

  4. Leith Lilley says

    Salmon mousse in the salmon mold. Oh the memories!

  5. Love me some corn relish dip with Jatz, cubed Coon, kabana and cocktail onions. If we want to get fancy, crack out the fondue!

  6. Carly Findlay says

    I love cocktail onions and also tinned mussels.

    What a lovely way to honour those who have passed.

  7. I like a cheese and pineapple porcupine with cheese and pineapple on toothpicks stuck into an upturned orange half. My favourite as a child.

  8. MotherDownUnder says

    What is a devil on horseback?

    My parents always used to serve After Eights mints at their dinner parties…how I loved them!
    Aldi makes an amazing imitation…they often sneak into my shopping cart!

    I actually did a post on a “salad” that I used to make growing up…Candlestick salad. It is incredibly phallic and not nutritious and quite frankly I cannot believe my mother used to let me bring it to the dinner table!

  9. Has to be the chicken voulevant!

  10. carohutchison says

    we have that cheese biscuit recipe! Haven’t made it in a while, but gosh it’s tasty.

  11. Michele Hill says

    What a lovely way to honour someone – and sounds like a lot of fun too. You missed the old orange with the toothpicks popping out of it with cheese and kabana or whatever stuck on them. Are you still looking for a chair have you seen this one ? Dont think much of the front legs but the rest is a goer I reckon

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