It’s beginning to look a lot like…

I have been watching so many Instagram friends with their trees up, getting twitchy by the day, but patiently adhering to my 1st Dec rule. This morning was the day! I was up early and in charge of getting fresh trees for Luce and I at our local Harris Farm. I dropped kids here and there, got there and NOTHING. Devo! After much swearing, we managed to find a Christmas tree farm in Wingello where we decided we would take the kids, get a tree and get the job done. I mean, it was the 1st! We had waited long enough. And a 100km round trip wasn’t going to stop us!

We arrived and it was as pretty as a picture…seriously! Those yellow flowers may be weeds, but they sure are pretty! (I don’t know why they look weird I think I had a weird setting on….oops).

We found a man with a chainsaw! He sorted us out, I got them wrapped up in chair and off we went home to decorate.

First we tackled Lucy’s. With toddlers and precious ornaments and tangled lights and a hot day, you can imagine how peaceful it was….sweaty neck!!!

Then it was back to our place where I got everything out, sorted and when the kids got home, the tree done to the sounds of Bing.

My Christmas style isn’t chic, more like Rainbow explosion with tinsel vomit, but I do love it.

Kids and I are happy. House looks amazing, but even better…smells like Christmas!

Now I am exhausted and have a sweaty neck. And I need a drink.

Happy Weekend friends!
Have you got your decos up yet?
Are you fresh or fake tree?


  1. Love your exploding vomitus tree! We put ours up last Sunday with our 7yr old niece doing a fantastic job of decorating the tree!
    Love the festive season…Merry Christmas!

  2. Stunning tree! Decorating to the sounds of Bing…. Crosby or the kids TV show? Cos I tell you what, that bunny is the background theme song to my entire life – including right now. The toddler is obsessed. I wonder if they make Bing merch. Xmas sorted!

  3. On the practical side can you get a live tree to last all of December- how?
    The house is looking great!

  4. I am a “for real” kinda girl, but I can’t bring myself to buy one until mid Dec. How do you find your lasts till Xmas day? Too hot and humid where I am and tree looks shite on Xmas day. P.S. I love a good rainbow explosion with tinsel vomit. It’s my all time fave.

  5. Gibbergunyah says

    We got ours there last Sunday! The man with the chainsaw was a hit with our boys. It’s been a hectic week and I still haven’t sorted out the lights. Tomorrow!

  6. Years ago we would drive the 200 km+ round trip to a christmas tree farm in the Southern Highlands, where the kids chose the tree that was then promptly cut down and tied precariously onto the roof of our little car. It was such a great tradition until the early 90’s when both daughter and I developed severe allergies to the pine needles and we had no option but to turn to artificial trees.
    Now we have grandkids and on Sunday my 3yr old granddaughter will be decorating the tree in her lovely haphazard manner, but we get such pleasure seeing her load anything and everything onto the tree. Then I get the job of putting on 5 sets of lights! Don’t mind putting them on, it’s the taking off in January that I really don’t enjoy.

    • Oh no! Great memories for you though. No matter real or fake, it’s all the same magic I think! Thanks for sharing your story x (and I HATE that bit SO much)

  7. I love your rainbow explosion with tinsel vomit style!

    We’ll put ours up later today on this rainy day in Canberra. We have a fake tree, just for the ease of it I must admit. I do love the look and smell of fresh though!

  8. done and dusted beth!
    love the little one’s loving it! … soo cute!
    love mx

  9. Looks fantastic. I just have to say that your clock appears to be ever so slightly crooked (I have a thing). Looks to me like it needs to be moved about 2 degrees clockwise (pardon the pun).

    I am one of those people that straightens friends’ pictures, clocks etc when they are out of the room!

  10. Fake tree although I’m yearning for the smell of the real deal. Our tree doesn’t go up on the 1st because it’s Hubby’s birthday so Christmas stuff happens AFTER. I’ve got the tree out from the shed and planning on putting it up today. Got a case of the ‘can’t be bovvereds’ so better rectify that quick smart!

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