Order : Restored

Like an empty sink post wash up…

Or a freshly mopped floor…

Or windows letting in the fresh spring air and sunshine in…

Or Harper with another piece of paper filled with a drawing or story…

Order has been restored.
Life is once again back to normal.
Rob is home.
Sure he’s been working all day. But he’s here.
And we couldn’t be happier.

And some little artist person has a new sticker book that she has been tackling with gusto.



  1. YEHAARR!! Drunk yet?

  2. And suddenly? All was right with the world x

  3. xxx
    my fave post of the last 2 weeks.

  4. I know that feeling of relief and peace when everything is as it should be. It is awesome! Very glad for you that you have your hubby back home safe and sound 🙂

    xx Karen

  5. Did he make you *coffee*?

  6. My husband travels for work quite a bit and every time he comes home I feel myself exhale. Although the ship does run quite smoothly without him here we all miss him tons.

  7. Huzzahh!

  8. Lucky you! Enjoy xx

  9. So pleased for you that your family has been reunited! And it feels so good!

    And I know I always say this, but I just love your house!

  10. Yes it is gorgeous. Glad he is home for you and the girls x

  11. So envious of your clutter free style and those squeaky clean floor boards. Take my hat off to you. You may not always feel in balance but I’m sure that helps.

  12. Just lovely lady. Love the pics of your beautiful clean home. Happy for you that you’re no longer solo parenting…I’m on deck for a stint this week when Scott goes on a golf trip for 4 days, eek! xo

  13. Do you sit often in that sunny corner and have a cup of tea? You’d have a hard time getting me to leave it for sure!

  14. I really love your house, it’s so quirky and light and spacious.Unlike the Fuchsiadome which is teeny tiny and dark.

    I’d quite like that Miro sticker book myself.

  15. God I love your kitchen, in fact, I love your living area too. Nothing better than a tidy house and shiny floors. Solo parenting sucks, I don’t have to do it often thank goodness, but I even dread nights when my husband goes to the gym and I have to do the whole tea, bath, bed routine myself 🙂

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