Making beds while the sun shines

Yesterday because everyone had had such a bad nights sleep before AND the sun was shining, I thought it best to pull together the trifecta.

Clean sheets on all 3 of our beds. Because clean sheet day makes EVERYTHING better. It really does.

The girls still have their flannelette sheets on because it’s still a chilly 6 or below most nights.

And for our bed? Well, I made the shift to cotton sheets. Controversial I know, and I’m sure I’ve gone early, but it was a nice change. There is no such thing as too much pattern. No such thing at all.

Guest bedroom also had the full treatment the other day with clean sheets. They have flannelette’s as well, because visitors always feel the cold down here. This weekend we have the Woog clan coming.

And then there is Harper’s old bedroom sitting there, empty. I need the bed for when we have visitors, but it’s never used. I wonder what will become of this room? Another proper guest room? An office until the girls want their own space down the track?

Sometimes I feel like I’m running a bed and breakfast. Washing, always washing. I’m also seeing A LOT of pink here, aren’t you? I’m not sure how I feel about that, or how Rob does. And finally, I have have filth in my cupboards, but I can sure make a mean bed.

Hope your Thursday is a productive one. 


  1. Clean sheet day DOES make everything better. I’m about to do the same here.
    Love the pattern overload (we have similar sheets)… never too much pattern. Or pink.
    Happy Thursday! xx

  2. You do make a mean bed. Mine always look mediocre. Any tips?

    • I see a VLOG in the not too distant future. If people make videos on how to cut an orange then I can do one on how to make a bed!

    • Gibbergunyah says

      Yes please! I worked in a department store in the Manchester department for 9 years and still love a well made bed. Also well folded linen in general. Fitted sheets are my special interest…

  3. I did all our beds the other day and then…we ran out of water! The water carter truck was broken so a day’s wait and now piles of washing, washing up, mopping etc. Pleeeeease let it rain, our tanks need filling just for my sanity.

  4. LOVE the quilt set on your bed, those colours are so happy and gorgeous! You certainly make a mean bed!!

  5. So pretty. Love all of the patterns. I made a compromise to Justin when we started living together… no more pink bedding and he would put his shoes away. I could happily lush in your bedding!

  6. Beautifully done. You have a great eye!

  7. Put wine in fridge NOW xx

  8. Clean sheets and freshly made beds do make everything better. They just do.
    I remember seeing an interior decorator on Oprah once, he said to instantly clean the appearance of a room and to lift your mood – make the beds! So true 🙂
    Enjoy your weekend with the Woog clan.

  9. I was wondering how Rob copes with the pinks and florals. He’s such a modern man. There’s no way my husband could fall asleep in that.

  10. I love your bed linen with a fierce passion. Passion, I tell you. Mine is so DULL and neutral. Must fix ASAP.

  11. I am an all white linens on wood or antique beds girl, they might have some patterns in the doona covers, but no colour, like Damasc. The Actil first line sheets are thick and crunchy which is how i like them, especially in the summer heat here. In winter I throw a cream vellux blanket on too.

  12. Do you use a doona? If so – how do you get your beds so smooth? What are your layers? I want to know the secret! Vote for the VLOG!

  13. Can you come and make the beds here please?…
    I was out for my husbands work last night. It was such a lovely night. Dinner and the theatre – very cultured!! We saw Australia Day – seriously well worth seeing if you’re in Sydney town. Anyway…this is all a long winded way of saying I’m knackered today and struggling to put one foot in front of the other. Needless to say…I don’t think it will be a very productive Thursday here. Jx

    btw… I love all the pink bedding.

  14. I did all the beds yesterday and what happens? One little man wets the bed which hasn’t happened in months! He managed to pee all over the pillow and quilt as well, so today I get to do it all over again! Theres no way my husband will sleep in florals either so I have serious bed linen envy.

    • What I forgot to mention was that Harper started coughing not long after she went to bed and I ran SO fast to get her out of that bed…there was NO WAY vomit was going to get in there. We made it to the toilet just in time! Oh the JOYS of a cough/vomit child.

  15. There is nothing better than clean sheets!
    Especially those that have dried in the sun…the Hills hoist must be one of the best Australian inventions.

    And if you open a bed and breakfast I will be your first guest!
    I would pay good money for a bed that looks like that and for some of your porridge with yogurt and strawberries!

  16. Ha ha as I was scrolling through your photos Beth I thought, ‘Damn, this lady does good bed!’ and then you said exactly what I was thinking. I know what you mean about new sheets making everything better. Its like a clean slate for you to start afresh C xo

  17. Clean sheets SO make everything better. That and a glass of wine. Which you’ll be having this weekend with The Woogs. It’s all good….

  18. Where is all of this beautiful bed linen from?

  19. Is there any way of stopping your husband and children from sitting on them? I don’t have children yet but I do have a fiancee who seems to love sitting on the bed as soon as I have made it and am still enjoying it’s smooth loveliness.

    Also, even thought there are only two of us I feel your laundry pain. Inner West apartment with a washing machine but no dryer. I washed the sheets in our own machine for the first time today (we moved here in Feb, our sheets have known only laundromats since) thanks to the sun on our balcony!

  20. Everyone knows you can absolutely never ever have too much Pink.

    It’s a Neutral.

    And the International Colour of Happiness.

    Patterns are Key.

    They don’t show paw prints from the younger players.


  21. Love all your beds lady, so bright & inviting. You know now you’ve referred to it, that spare room is just bound to become the nursery don’t you 😉 xo

  22. Beatiful colorful sheets. My son loves cars. So he has got car sheets. I love coton sheets. But I don’t like ironing.

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