Get some Hygge in your home

Do you guys know about Hygge? It might look a little like this:

Well to me at least.

It’s a Danish term defined as “a quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being.” Pronounced “hoo-guh,” the word is said to have no direct translation in English, though “cozy” comes close.

There have been many books published on it over the past year and more to come this year but I had noticed that a few people mentioned that sometimes MY house has an element of hygge about it so I did a little looking into it. My favourite part was discovering that it simply requires being present and recognising aa moment that feels so sweet, cosy, charming, special or nice that you just have to name the moment.

Don’t you love that? So sweet and cosy and charming that it has to be named!

To me that might look like this:

Or like this:

Upon my searching, I also discovered this Hygge Manifesto that I think should be my new manifesto. I am going to aim to get some more hygge in my home!

I think the thing about social media like Instagram, is the capturing of moments so special. I love that people still do this, snap these little moments in time and share them with us. I certainly think that any time you take a photo it’s that moment that you see, that you stop and capture that allows you to enjoy it. But then again, maybe we should just all be present in that moment, and just take comfort and joy from it.

Oh the complexities of this world we live in!

In any case, I have discovered this new Danish term (that I love) and have a new manifesto to live by. Anything that involves candlelight, pleasure and shelter sound good to me!

Have you heard of Hygge before?
Had one of those perfect comfy moments recently? What was it?
What’s your top Hygge tip? Candles? A crackling fire? Books?


  1. No hyyge in my life right now at home as in the midst of a dirty, messy, chaotic renovation of my kitchen which is central in my home and required the knocking down of walls, pulling up of floors, pulling down of ceilings etc. Still a few weeks off till I’m standing at my stove top taking in all the hyyge – can.not.wait. I want all the hyyge all the time.

  2. What a beautiful way to live. I’ve adopted many of the hyyge ways over the past years and it makes a big difference. Our whole family is calmer and happier ?

  3. Hygge certainly has taken off in Australia! Back in January, I completed a Beach House that I named ‘Hygge House Blairgowrie’ … at the time, my husband thought I was mad but he has since changed his mind 😉 Love HYGGE xx

  4. I love all the pics of your place Beth. It makes me restless looking at them though, it’s not your pics, it’s just that I’m so unsettled in my house right now, it needs so much work and I’ve lost all motivation and love for it. I really want to just move and create my hyyge in a new place. I might print out that chart and use it to motivate myself to get this place market ready.

  5. Goodness I’ve heard of Hygge before but I didn’t realise all the aspects that it entails. I LOVE that manifesto. Adopting hygge for the farm immediately!
    A x

  6. Yes! You must read The Year of Living Danishly. Fascinating and a very good read. A great insight into how those Scandinavian countries just seem to have their shit together so much better than the rest of us.

  7. Hygge is making your own bread.
    Hygge is being half awake but not having to get up just yet, and snuggling down further under the covers.
    Hygge is new printed sheets. Weeks after buying them, just the thought of them on my bed, and in my cupboard, makes me smile. Typing that made me smile.
    Hygge is putting on my exceedingly non-glamorous pink fluffy dressing gown – it says, back off world, it’s hygge time!
    Hygge is my home.

  8. Sadly not much hygge in my house although my kids say otherwise. Think it’s just me.

  9. great post Beth ??Having home a haven candles home cooked meals & enjoying the process a fire & candles

  10. I spent a week in Copenhagen a month ago (has it really been a month??!) There is a community garden/hang out space on top of the old mail exchange/post office complex that advertises Hygge on its sign. They have game areas and lounge areas and a food truck with great coffee as well as the garden, It looked like a really cool place to hang out. The Danes are so laid back and I would have loved to check out the vibe of their apartments. Unfortunately I have come home to the chaos of home and a Bathurst winter with clothes hanging drying in the lounge room – definitely no hygge here. I think the ability to heat your house effectively is a huge factor!

  11. Oh I love this!! Hygge hey? Never heard of it but just love it. It’s so many things for me, but definitely fresh flowers in the home, a cup of tea in the sun, my boys uncontrollable laughter and seeing my families face when they are enjoying home cooked food and cakes.
    Thank you for introducing me to Hygge!! ?

  12. Hygge here, hygge there, there is hygge everywhere …..I love this!!! I’m off to nurture the hygge in my home ???

  13. It’s hard to think of Hygge in the air-conditioned Florida home when it’s 36C outside, 100% humidity, and the central air is laboring. In the other three seasons, hygge is sitting on the screened porch after dark with candles & low-light lamps on, reading a book and listening to music.

    And we achieved hygge here in this little stone cottage in SW France when the place finally warmed up beginning of April, plus the addition of a colorful quilt for the couch, candles, and a French-version slow cooker full of good-smelling stuff. Next fall we hope to build up the courage to try out the fireplace, if so hygge complete.

  14. Way back when ‘our’ Mary was first interviewed in Danish one of her quotes was around ‘hygge’ which she liked to do ?

  15. I lived in Amsterdam for a while and the locals explained a similar term – Gezellig – pronounced roughly as ‘heh – sell – ick’. There is not an English translation for the word but it means ‘cosy and quaint’ but also more than that. It is the Dutch equivalent of Hygge. I still love to use the word gezellig to describe those special moments.

  16. i’m all about hygge here too! thanks beth. yes you are good at it!
    i’m actually all about comfort first and relaxing in one’s own home!
    I love to make many cosy vignettes, where we can sit and read or doodle or pinterest!!!
    and have a nice cuppa! … all depending on the sun streaming in!
    love the smell of a freshly baked anything and pasta with garlic, pots of soup with naughty bread! … pan fried thick slices of ciabatta in the winter.
    must have plenty of throw rugs too and uggs!
    here’s to hygge! … and not too much cleaning up if people drop in!
    much love m:)X


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