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A sponsored post for Dyson V8 Absolute cord free vacuum

There are a few things I love with the passion of a thousand fiery suns. My kids, of course, but at this late stage of the year Maggie might be slightly ahead in the favourite stakes with an ability to smile and be genuinely thrilled to see me when I walk into a room. Unlike her sisters who are rolling their eyes at my outrageous requests like “hop in the bath” or “brush your hair”. You’d think I was asking for their firstborns such is their pure outrage and disgust. And Rob. Of course. And Frank. But let’s call it like it really is and just say it. The fairest of them all?

My Dyson.

You know how things are between us. The Dyson is THERE for me. All the time. Probably too many times a day if we’re honest, but there she stands, charged at the ready to give me a solid 7 minutes of MAX sucking power and longer if I am not maxing her out. Cleaning the house, the trail that Maggie and Frank leave behind and giving me a sense of control and order when often there’s very little of that in my life.

I’m evangelical about these things. You know I am, because I have been rabbiting on about them for many a year. I have told more people than I care to admit that they MUST buy them because it WILL change their lives and then have been known to be as shouty as a bad NY cop when I see them after said purchase “Has the Dyson changed your life YES OR NO?” The answer is always yes. It just is.

Now Dyson, having seen my passion sent me one of their new V8 Absolute cordless vacuums to try out.

DEAD. Died.

I mean, I’m done.

My work here is done. If indeed, the only reason I needed to have written 2,706 posts over 10 years to get to this point, then I am OK with that.

Now if anyone can give one of these a work over, it’s me. I have an 18 month old. Two bigger kids. A dog and a husband. And I am a control freak who likes things clean and tidy. Mess v my unrealistic high standards of cleanliness? A match made in Dyson heaven!

Let’s take a closer look shall we?


PHWOOOOOAR. It’s now V8 meaning it runs at 425w instead of the previous 350 V6, which not only sucks more, it lasts longer. That sounds a bit dodgy now that I look at it, but you know what I mean. The max button is now more powerful too (I am ashamed that it took me like 2 years to even know the max button was a thing until my sister showed me).

2 x Heads

There are two attachments for the heads. TWO. One of them has a motor inside the brush bar to drive the bristles into the carpet to get the dirt RIGHT DOWN THERE perfect for pet hair. And the soft roller covered head can get large bits of crap off your floor at the same time as fine dust.


Now lasts up to 40 minutes (previously just 20) and a fancy battery light that shows you when you are running low so you can pick up your roadrunner pace in the morning (or is that just me?)

Dirt ejector

You know when you open the waste bin and it flipped down and sometimes would flick the dirt out? Or get stuck in the side bits. There is a new ejector that drives out the dirt and dust in a single action without you having to get your hands in to pull it out.

As well as the standard features of great design, being lightweight (2.6kgs) cord free and machine filters as well as all the normal attachments (dust, brush etc).

It was all of the things you’d hope for in a newer model, and then some. My unrealistic high standards were met, and the baby was happy because she got to make a mess.

And Frank was happy because there was cake.

You can find out more about the Dyson V8 cordless vacuum here. RRP $849.

If you have been holding out on getting one of these, now you must. You’re worth it.
Do you have a Dyson cordless Vac?


  1. My Dyson Animal Stick is in the shop awaiting a part. HURRY UP DYSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am in a deep, deep funk. With mostly tile floors and a Golden Retriever whose main agenda each day is shedding, you cannot even imagine my distress. I am reduced to using my Dyson carpet vac, which is bigger, heavier, and MUST BE PLUGGED IN!!!!!!

    Oh, I am in such distress.

  2. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Love my Dyson stick vacuum it is the BEST thing I’ve ever bought and love the sound of the new one I hate how the dog hair gets stuck in the top!
    So glad Beth I’m not the only one who is a little bit OCD on the mess in the house Xx

  3. We have an old school, pull behind, Dyson. I remember how dumbstruck I was when I vacuumed so much crap out of the carpet I’d already vacuumed with the old machine. Seriously amazing bits of gear! 🙂

  4. I LOVE the video Beth – Mags is a natural!

    Cant live without it now, especially when I have mad hay fever, a shedding dog and messy kids – GAME CHANGER!! I think all young mums should get one of these from the government as part of the baby bonus (that and under eye concealer!)

  6. I got my new V8 absolute cordless for my birthday, a month ago today, from my partner. I know some cringe when they hear of people getting vacuum cleaners for their birthday but if anyone truly knows me and their love for their Dyson and floors that are just so… they wouldn’t cringe 😉
    Oh Lordy life has a whole new meaning now. Beth I’m pretty certain that you completely understand.

  7. Well played Dyson! Now I REALLY want one!

  8. Just the post I was waiting for!

    I wanted to ask you if a Dyson was the THE way to go and clearly it is! Was just concerned I might need two vacs? One for the big areas of carpet? Not that that matters as I already have one! Just have to sell it’s purchase to my husband! ?

    • I haven’t touched my big Dyson since I got my V8 stick Dyson. Sand, crumbs, cat hair… no problem, on carpet or hard floors.

  9. Love my Dyson stick! Got my first Dyson pull along back in 1996, that has only just recently gone to vacuum heaven. Also have a Dyson lightweight upright,(15 yrs old) but my gem is the Stick V6 bought for Christmas last year by my daughter ( as a thank you for childcare for our toddler granddaughter throughout the year). How did I survive without it, makes cleaning up after her so simple.

  10. Yes, life changer. I bought a Dyson Animal not long after a hairy white dog came into our lives, then twin babies soon after. My husband loved it so much when we first got it he would give demonstrations to our visitors.

  11. On your recommendation I got a Dyson Animal Stick last year for Xmas, only took 2 years of talking it up but the husband has it in his study on charge and whips it out at all times. It has been a game changer for us what with a cat, dog and teens…

  12. Oh Beth, when you gave the ceiling a go I just started laughing laughing and laughing!! We have been totally Dyson-ed in this home. I am also pleased to say that it is not I that runs around with either of them the most. Husband loves the stick one and the cleaner does her thing with the big one once a week. Your clip is like a slowed down version of that comedian who did the clip of getting the house ready for lunch guests – I’m sure you know the one. I do my manic routine around here when it’s time to leave the house though! Yes, we love our Dyson(s)!!

  13. When I moved into my big girl home and needed to purchase my own things I bought myself a Dyson stick. I loved it. I could whizz around my all carpet abode and stairs quick as a flash. It was a boss on hard floors too. I love mine even though my partner pulls out his big bagged clunker to do the apartment. It was a winner when I took off the stick and attached the head to do the car. DYSON YES!

  14. We have a Dyson Barrell which is 7 years old and I friggin love it. There is nothing more satisfying then seeing all the rubbish it sucks up. I could go on all day about it. However, now I want one those beauties. Might have to drop a few hints to the husband for Xmas (as lame as that sounds nothing would give me more joy than getting one as a present).

  15. Gibbergunyah says

    I got mine when Mr 6 was a baby and it made a massive difference, especially when my back “went” the following year and I was forbidden the use the normal vacuum. Sheesh, I remember before you got one and saying, like an evangelist “It will change your life!”. Mad but true, hey?

  16. MAX BUTTON???!!! Off to look closer at my Dyson stick

  17. Beth, I am a first-time commenter but I want you to pass on my Dyson experience. Firstly I LOVE the Animal and rarely bother with the older upright Dyson. But am I the only one who is having difficulty with the release button when I want to empty out the dust? I am very much a Senior and my fingers seem to be getting weaker with age. By the way, I love your blog (almost as much as I love the Animal).

  18. go beth! … it is the business!
    nothing like crumbs in hair and everywhere! … lovely!;0
    that child of yours is too adorable! she makes me giggle every time!
    love m:)X

    • just watched the video of messing and cleaning … so natural!
      rob shoots beautiful videos!
      I love the music too, capturing the essence rob!
      good work!
      love m:)X

  19. I bought one of these exact Dysons a few weeks ago and was a bit unsure about paying so much for it. After a week, I said to my husband that we paid the wrong price …. we should have paid DOUBLE!! Every day I am seriously amazed and horrified at what it brings up off of my floors. Love love love it – makes a yucky job so easy!

  20. My Dyson V8 Absolute is THE favourite tool I own!

  21. Dammit! I hoped this was a giveaway lol

  22. The video is so cute, and SO awesome that Dyson gave you a new vacuum! I have a stick but not a Dyson just because at the time I couldn’t quite afford it. IT CHANGED MY LIFE! My mother in law got a stick and my mom got a Dyson stick! Lives changed all around. No cords ever again!

  23. Oh I want one now! I have a corded Miele vacuum but I do want a cordless Dyson. Fantastic video Beth! Just love this post.

  24. I have a V6. Love it but wish it had a longer charge! Now I really want a V8.
    Quick qu, how do you clean the felt roller thingy?

  25. Kate Connelly says

    I love my Dyson stick – Jimmy D as he’s known in my house. He’s also known as the kids new Dad and sleeps by my bed. It’s true love

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