Things I like {The 15th July 2015 edition}

It feels SO good to be back into some kind of routine…oh I’m nothing if predictable when it comes to my days. The girls are back at home, so Maggie and I are hanging. She’s talking so much…we have these lovely little sound conversations with each other for minutes at a time cooing and gah-ing together. She’s getting into her own rhythms and I am feeling less overwhelmed and frazzled so I can finally get stuck into things that I have let be for the past few months. It feels good, all of it. These bitterly cold winter days with my wee baby will be remembered fondly.

There’s plenty to like round these parts, like…

: Daisy adding her own messages to the lightbox


: These cold afternoons where the light is just magical

IMG_7392 IMG_7366

: Piles of kids books just ready to be picked up and enjoyed


: The loud wind through those pines that sounds like the ocean it’s so fierce


: Tidied up kids toys


: A freshly stocked bowl of lemons from a friends tree. More lemon delicious pudd on its way!


: Sweet smelling flowers by the sink making me smile while I do the washing up


: Some newly planted pansies in all my window boxes and on the verandah popping their smiling little faces out


: Cheap flowers from fruit shop in jugs dotted around the place

IMG_7372 IMG_7369

: These ones that Daisy chose for herself making me smile in their droopy ways


: Franks furry face just before he goes to the groomer tomorrow. He will be happy to get his eyesight back


: Gorgeous handmade presents for Maggie received in the mail. Look at these gorgeous blocks that a reader made for her from a 1979 Golden Book version of Old Macdonald Had a Farm. SO precious! Thank you so much Naomi (she has an Etsy store)

IMG_7385 IMG_7389

: Thoughtful presents from my big sister who came and stayed with us last week…beautiful crystals with messages for each of us


What are you liking this Wednesday?


  1. There’s nothing like fresh flowers dotted about to bring good cheer. They’re like my version of therapy! AND those golden book blocks = divine!

  2. Do you know what I love about coming to your blog? Your appreciation for your life. You have all worked hard to achieve it but you still take nothing for granted. In this selfish world it is a breath of fresh air. Thank you again, Beth, for sharing your life and thoughts with us all.

  3. I’m loving your take on it all thankyou beth!
    and your gorgeous photography today!
    love lemons in that wooden bowl! and hyacinths! … divine!
    I’m eating my cacao oatmeal with cranberries and sunflower seeds!
    mix it all up with boiling water in maison jars the night before! it’s like pudding!
    delicious and sipping my green tea with lemon myrtle! … tucked in listening to the rain! … full of delights! love m:)X

  4. Those blocks! How amazingly special. x

  5. Little tip so your gerberas don’t droop: only cover the ends with a teeny bit of water and then when it is gone refill. They over drink with the water going to their heads and they droop! XXX

  6. So glad you like the blocks Beth. I hope Maggie gets much enjoyment from them as she grows. xx

  7. Working from home in front of the heater! And sneaky chocolate treats fro morning tea!

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