The most thoughtful present: A Melanie Lea Artwork

I was lucky enough to receive an email from artist Melanie Lea a month or so ago asking me if she could do me a little painting of the girls? Offers like these don’t come up that often, so of course I jumped at the opportunity! I wasn’t really sure of Melanie’s style of work but quickly saw through her gorgeous Instagram and Facebook that we were in for a real treat.

I emailed Melanie a few times – she had questions about themes and styles, colours I like, what the girls wore and how they dressed etc – and we finally arrived on an idea of capturing this special time in all 3 girl’s lives right now. We are in a sweet spot, that’s for sure. Daisy is just about to be too grown up to play with her younger sisters, soon enough it will be High school (HOW?!) and BIG stuff, but right now it’s the three of them, still often playing in the garden.

Melanie has captured all of this and SO much more. Honestly, when the painting arrived in the mail this morning and I opened up a brown paper package tied up with string, and saw what she had created, well it just bought tears to my eyes.

It is just so precious. So clever. And so THOUGHTFUL that I can’t quite believe that I have been given this truly magical gift. Thank you! Thank you!

The snow pear tree that they so often play under in our garden, a magical fairy door and the sun setting on this chapter in our life, Daisy up there looking to the future and Harper somewhere in between her sisters and don’t get me started on twirling Maggie and how fabulous Frank is!

Isn’t it PERFECT?

It’s like having our own precious children’s book illustration on the wall. The girls were so taken with it too, you should have seen the magic in Maggie’s eyes when she recognised herself. And Harper was stoked because she looked so tall!

I am truly blown away by this. What an amazing gift to be given, and what a precious gift to give to someone or to yourself. A moment in time, captured in such a special way. How clever people are!

It’s hanging in the kitchen, I wanted it to be somewhere I am ALL the time so that I can see it a LOT.

Thank you again Melanie, it means more to me than you’ll ever know.

You can check out Melanie’s Instagram and Facebook and make your own order for a custom artwork. Such a gorgeous idea, and I can tell you the quality and style is absolutely precious.

What do you think?
Isn’t it gorgeous?!

I was lucky to be be gifted this artwork.




  1. oh! maybe it’s the preg. hormones, but that is just the sweetest! Brought a tear to my eye xo

  2. Sweet memories ?
    You have a snow pear tree?? Wow!!

  3. Linda Jenkins says

    That is very precious – what a gorgeous keepsake !

  4. It’s gorgeous Beth. I love it. I want one of my girls now. xx

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