Still life

It’s very quiet here on a Monday and Tuesday.

It’s my chance to get lots done, so of course I get nothing done. All that quiet is unnerving. My to do list that grows longer by the hour will be tackled just as soon as they get home and start demanding food. Because it makes perfect sense that work is completed in between homework, and dinner prep, and putting out fights too. Right?

Anyone else unable to complete tasks when you are supposed to?


  1. I am guilty of all that right now. Monday morning, inbox to be actioned, messy house. Any minute now. A-M xx

  2. We are so not handling this whole preschool thing well are we?

  3. Oh my goodness, YES! Must need that pressure to point us in the right direction….can procrastinate like it is nobodies business the rest of the time.

  4. Ugh. Hangover from no talkies yesterday is making it difficult to get anything done today! Have made myself scarce and hiding out watching the house next door being torn down. Excellent time waster!

    Hope your Tuesday gets better than the Monday!

    Gabs x

  5. Guilty as. Three Day Week. EEK.

  6. usually I am good but I just wasted a good 30 mins watching the Real HW of Miami when I should have been cleaning up ….

  7. 5 hours into the school day and nothing significant accomplished. To do list growing. 60 minutes to go. Hopeless.

    Thanks for very timely Wombeyan post, we are off to the cabins there for Easter. Four families with 11 kids. Not sure how I’m going to cope with complete lack of internet or phone access. Possibly by drinking.

    Bec x

  8. My girls are in high school and I never seem to accomplish my to do list. Housework is always done but the business side of things well …… it does get done eventually.

  9. What do you think I’m doing right now?! I was checking on something for my pay roll but I found myself here….

  10. Love that sunflower and that kettle!! I have posted a blog and done my internet banking this morning and had breakfast. Oh yes, there are other things needing doing but being retired there is no rush as it will all be there tomorrow. I have an excuse ‘cos I am OLD!!!!

  11. I think you’re allowed. It’s the perfect time to make up for all those years of lost sleep and bone-tired-just-making-it-through-the-day days.

  12. Friday mornings, 3 glorious hours by myself. I go for a 40 min walk after dropping the girls off at 3yo kinder and come back to supposedly vacuum and wash the floors………..yeah like I’m gonna do that when there is Season 3 Downton to catch up on!

  13. I have SOOOOO many bills to pay it is insane.
    Every day I sit at my computer and say- Right, now is the time to open up the internet banking and DO IT.
    DO I?
    I go around my fave blogs, write a few comments, check facebook, write my own blog post, check in on twitter, send a few txts, check in on facobbok again
    probs when the debt collector comes I might……..

  14. I find it easier to get things done when its all happening around me. I just savour the quiet times for me time. Its rare but when it happens…bliss! G.x

  15. Funny! Sitting down with a fresh cup of tea after finally getting everyone to their various schools…it’s quiet in this house for the first time in 2 weeks (Spring break here). Am I going to attend to the piles of laundry on my living room rug? No. No I am not.

  16. Come to sheeps party! so cute! Happy week to you Beth. xo

  17. Love those stills, beautiful photography. Yes, I like to procrastinate at night, once they’re all asleep and I have a few hours to myself. I think it’s human nature lady xo

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