Sweet baby cheeses! A Christmas giveaway worth $500!

Update 9th Jan 2017: The winner of this giveaway has now been chosen and the lucky winner was Nadine with this comment: “Beautiful.
I have to admit I would be a little selfish and keep it for myself.
I am weeks into my pregnancy after a lot of fertility treatment.
This past May I lost a baby boy (almost) halfway through my pregnancy and then I lost 4.5 litres of blood 3 days later. That I’m here and finally healthy with another baby on the way is so fortunate.
This is my rainbow baby, and I want to design a nursery that is as open and colourful as she will be.” 

Thanks to everyone that entered! x


My email inbox on any given day is a lottery. I never know what is going to be in there. There’s usually some comments from a post, emails asking questions about a recipe, or what to put together for a menu plan, maybe the odd tree change question, where to eat or stay down here and of course emails from some great businesses created by readers of the blog, sharing their businesses and products with me.

One such business that landed in recently was The Rattan Collective from Byron Bay. Lee and her family moved down there 4 years ago and was looking for some beds for her kids bedrooms. A little dismayed by the options available she stumbled across a site showing modern bohemian pieces that she fell in love and decided that she had to get them over here in Australia. So she has, and she is. The Rattan Collective is a wonderful collection of vintage French inspired pieces for your home. And as soon as I saw these pieces I fell in love with them too. They instantly evoke a space called home, don’t you think? They are warm and colourful and beautifully designed. Man, I love them. It makes me instantly want to pack up and head north too!


And Lee has very generously decided to giveaway one of her gorgeous bassinets to a lucky BabyMac reader! The perfect present for someone expecting. I mean have you EVER seen a bassinet more gorgeous? I haven’t!


One lucky reader will get to choose between these 3 pretties, Haven, Doma or Folk, worth a cool $500!

folk_set2_8d551254-05b2-4e10-9133-b4d9ee5455fa_large domo_set_5c76aaac-51ee-466a-b298-d7424f8a3c02_large 15056569_221256658303005_6269736801355694080_n

Now these would be THE most perfect gift for a pregnant mama with her 1st, 3rd or 6th baby! The bassinets provide a warm and inviting first nest for your precious newborn, which will look divine in any room.  They are light to move around, so you can easily transfer baby and bassinet into any part of your home or deck/garden during our warmer months. They would make a perfect family heirloom to be passed down through generations.

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment in this post below, telling us who you would give this to or why you would love it for your newest little one this Christmas as well as like The Rattan Collective’s Facebook & Instagram pages. The giveaway is open from 1pm AEST Monday 5th December until Friday 16th December 2016 and is open to Australian residents only. You can read the rest of the T&C’s here.

I also have an exclusive offer for BabyMac readers on ANY of their gorgeous collection! Purchases usually require full payment prior to ordering our products but given the squeeze on everyone at this time of year, we have the following offer:

BabyMac readers can pay a 50% deposit now and pay the balance by Jan 31.

Code at checkout: BABYMAC
Applies to:  Any product over $350
Use: Once per customer
Code expires: Midnight Friday Dec 9.

Customers are agreeing to these terms (i.e. that they are paying a 50% DEPOSIT and are required to complete the purchase by Jan 31st) or they will forfeit their deposit as these items will have started the manufacturing process. 

Not bad is it? Get shopping for yourself or your home this Christmas! Check out their range online here. And for a chance to win one of these gorgeous bassinets remember :

  1. Leave a comment on this post telling us who you would give this to or why you would love it for your newest little one this Christmas
  2. Like The Rattan Collective’s Facebook page here
  3. Like The Rattan Collective’s Instagram page here

Note: Delivery will not be made before Christmas as Lee will have to arrange with the winner (and the cut off is too close to the big day).


  1. Ohh what beautiful bassinets!
    My babe has just made the move into the cot in his own room (still coming to terms with that…) so I would gift this to my dear friend who has just found out she’s expecting after trying to conceive for quite some time. She would love it!

  2. Oh my gosh these are stunning! They look like a beautiful family heirlom without the musty smell and cobwebs. I would love to have one of these to pass down to my sister and pretend my two have had a chance to sleep in it too.

  3. I would love this bassinet for our littlest one this christmas, I love the whimsical beauty about them and also love that they are heirloom quality ❤️ Our second baby will have all of our firsts hand me downs so it would be very special for her to have something so very beautiful of her own!

  4. Pinar Hassan says

    I would love this for my own baby, not only because it’s absolutely gorgeous but it’s something I will keep forever to pass down to my kids when they have children

  5. Janelle Hutt says

    I would adore one of these BEAUTIFUL bassinets (any of them, they’re amazing!) for myself… well, I mean for my wee bubba, but I also would like a bed so beautiful! It would bring a lovely something special to his bedroom, and is a piece gorgeous enough to become a family or friend heirloom. I would simply adore this ?

  6. Hi Beth, this Saturday night just gone we had Xmas neighbours drinks and met our ‘around the corner’ new-ish neighbours who are 33 weeks pregnant with number 3. Well she is. Not him. Anyway on the way home, our new lovely, heavily pregnant friend tripped over the edge of our driveway and fell to the ground super awkwardly. Baby bump never hit the ground and is fine, BUT her foot swelled up like a pumpkin and we found out yesterday it’s broken. She’s now in a moon boot for 6 weeks, and she has two super active boys who are 5 and 3. I will be taking her boys so she can rest and cooking her a lot of meals but I am still sodden with guilt and would love to give the family a gift for their new baby. These bassinets are simply beautiful. That is all. Bec

    • I was reading these comments before adding my own but no, your new neighbour definitely deserves a break of the lovely rattan bassinet kind!

  7. Carla Dawson says

    A dearly loved friend has made the move from home to far away,

    Newly pregnant with her first child, a boy who is due in May.

    This bassinet I would send to her, a gift forever to keep.

    To give this mum and her baby boy, the best chance at a full night’s sleep!

  8. I’ve got two Mummas that found do with a baby bed one with a newbie and another due in March. Would feel wonderful to bless them.

  9. yvonne ryan says

    l have a granddaughter due February 12th and this would be just perfect for the nursery . My daughter in law loves the natural look and l know they would really love and appreciate this beautiful prize

  10. I would give this to my bestie who after after three years of trying and two rounds of IVF is finally pregnant with a beautiful healthy baby due next year!

  11. Ohh I love these bassinets! I would LOVE one as I am expecting twins early next year & will need a bassinet for each of our babes! One of these would be the perfect fit ???? ?

  12. I would give this to our precious bundle due in 26 weeks. After too much IVF and heartache- this bundle of love and light deserves something so beautiful!

  13. How gorgeous! I don’t enter many competitions but I’m compelled to enter this one! 38 weeks pregnant today with my third and due the week before Xmas. I’ve never seen any bassinets like this and one would be perfect for our old farm house that doesn’t have any a/c or fans in the nursery!! Best of luck to all and merry Xmas xx

  14. My partner and I have been trying for our first baby for some time and would absolutely love to take home one of these. It would hopefully be the good luck charm we need to see those two lines.

  15. Briony McNeil says

    We are welcoming baby two in February. Poor second baby has been a bit neglected compared to number one, there have hardly been any purchases this time around. We would use it and love it and pass it on to my little brother when he starts his family – immediate heirloom!

  16. Jess Roberts says

    Hi Beth,
    I am going to be selfish with this one and say I would gift it to myself this Christmas. I have religiously read but rarely commented on your post for about 4 years now and the posts that got me the most were the ones where you spoke about your gut wrenching tears for a pre conceived Maggie. My tears were because I felt it too but husband and I decided not to go down that road. We donated all our baby gear to a very deserving charity down here at the start of the year and it felt good to know my treasured stuff was going to get loved again. Fast forward to 4 months ago when we found out that fate had a different road for us and baby number 3 will be joining us in May, shock and tears and joy and the reality that we will be starting again from scratch have been the road so far, so selfishly I am asking for me, to have something so lovely as this bassinet from The Rattan Collective to treasure.

  17. My daughter has moved back home from a trouble relationship and is expecting her 2 baby in February 2017. We haven’t got a bassinet or much of anything else at the moment, but this would certainly be a lovely surprise for my daughter.

  18. What gorgeous bassinets! I would love to win one for my first babe due February. We can’t afford a separate bassinet so were planning to either put babe straight into the cot or use the bassinet from the pram. One of these beauties would be incredible! Off to like The Rattan Collective everywhere now. Fingers crossed! Thanks for the chance Beth xx

  19. Hi!
    I just gave birth to our 3rd child named Sadie. We are originally from gerringong and moved to Darwin early this year. It’s so damn hot here and I follow your posts from the highlands and dream of the cold weather posts ? So thank you!
    I’ve been looking for a bassinet, cradle and cot that is quite airy in this yucky heat and these bassinets/cots would be perfect for our girl. I would love to win this!!

  20. Kat Farrell says

    I would love to win this beautiful bassinet for a dear friend who is about to have her first baby and heading down this road to parenthood on her own. She is an amazing woman and a sweet and kind friend who is always caring for others. She has her heart set on a bassinet for her little one due in January so she can keep her close.

  21. Nikohl Jones says

    Ohhh these bassinets are stunning!!!
    I would love to win one for my friend Naomi who gave birth at 26weeks (bub is now 32 weeks).
    Having one of these waiting at home when they bring little Quinn home would be pretty special ?

  22. Leeanne Kirkman says


    I would love to win this for my beautiful SIL, Alice who is expecting her first Bub in March with my quirky BIL, David.
    I think they will be relying on quite a few hand me downs, so a lovely new bassinet for their new baby would be fantastic.

    Thanks for considering my entry and I’m sure whoever wins will put it to great use.


  23. I’m due my first baby next year and I’m loving the idea of a bassinet but Husband has decided we just need a cot and preferably a secondhand one at that! *gasp!* my pinterest worthy nursery dreams are fluttering out the window!
    I would love to be selfish and have a gorgeous bassinet for baby, a sweet little sanctuary for one <3

  24. I would gift it to myself! We are currently expecting our third child and having previously given away all off our baby items (cot and bassinet included) it would certainly ease the pressure of not having to buy a new one.

  25. Beautiful.
    I have to admit I would be a little selfish and keep it for myself.
    I am weeks into my pregnancy after a lot of fertility treatment.
    This past May I lost a baby boy (almost) halfway through my pregnancy and then I lost 4.5 litres of blood 3 days later. That I’m here and finally healthy with another baby on the way is so fortunate.
    This is my rainbow baby, and I want to design a nursery that is as open and colourful as she will be.

  26. Lauren Roney says

    Our wee little man joined our family last week, a little earlier than we thought and he is just scrumptious. How divine it would be to win him a Haven bassinet by the ratten collective to keep him safe and in sweet baby dreamland

  27. I would give it to my sister, to help her finally weigh up that pro list for having a baby ?

  28. Meredith DallaSanta says

    I would gift this to my own precious darling – whom we only just recently discovered is on his/her way.

    This is our fourth child – a very unexpected surprise! Our older three children are 7, 8 and 10 so we are going back to the start.

    Our baby ‘stuff’ is long gone and we most likely will borrow as much as we can from family and friends. But I have been searching for a special and new cosy nest this little bub can call his/her very own.

  29. Rachael Cox says

    We would love to win this. We have our precious rainbow baby due end of Dec after two horrible losses. Would love to have something extra special to sleep them in and turn into our family heirloom to pass down to future generations.

  30. Oh my goodness, is this not the most divine piece of nursery furniture EVER?!?!
    Can I be selfish and say I’d keep it for myself?!..
    We have three beautiful, amazing children. But I feel like there is one more piece to our puzzle missing, fingers crossed we can find that piece and fill it in next year (aaaaggghhh, excitement, nerves)
    This bassinet would be the start of that piece, some colour around the edges, that little piece is coming to complete this family of ours ❤️

  31. Oh me oh my
    I have the Doma in my eye
    I dream the day
    In our own way
    I have a babe in there to lay

  32. Lindel Farrelly says

    I would love this for my daughter, she just had an egg transfer on Saturday. We are all hopping every thing goes well this time. Would be a special surprise for. Lindel

  33. Racheal Kamer says

    I would love this gorgeous bassinet for our second little baby on the way. It will be special for them to have something so special and just their own instead of hand me downs from big sis.

  34. Lis O'Brien says

    I would give this amazing prize to my third daughter who we are waiting to arrive in February! Our old second hand bassinet has been through many children and it would be lovely to have something new and beautiful.

  35. Bron Gleeson says

    I would love to have this for when my future first grandchild comes to visit. Something so beautiful might encourage the potential parents to hurry up :))I cannot wait to be a Grandee !!

  36. So delightful! I would keep the bassinet for our surprise third and fourth babies due next year. Practically I thought a cot would be best in place of purchasing a second bassinet, so this piece would look beautiful in the lounge room for their day time naps 🙂

  37. I’ve been stalking these guys on Insta for a while now but could never afford one! We are
    Expecting our first Bub in March after several years of IVF and lots of money spent to get our little miracle. I would use this bassinet for myself then pass it around between my sisters as a family tradition, it would make such a beautiful heirloom.

  38. Gabrielle Tyrpenou says

    Our beautiful daughter and amazing husband have been married a year and are expecting their first baby in May.They are in their late twenties and have studied and worked incredibly hard to buy their own home without the help of handouts from parents or family. They would so appreciate the beauty of such a unique piece of furniture which would be loved and cherished for many years to come.

  39. what a gorgeous prize beth!
    i don’t know anyone who’s having a baby!
    i hope you find a good home for it!
    much love m:)X

  40. Heather Sebastian says

    Ooooh LA LA…those bassinets are GORGEOUS. I would be THRILLED to win one for my step-daughter who is due in March (2017). Thanks, and happy holidays! Cheers!


    Oh, and I follow them on both Facebook and Instagram 🙂

  41. I would love to give it to my husbands workmate. They have a newborn who was born albino and is 100% blind amongst some other health issues. He’s had to have a lot of time off and money is really tight. They deserve something nice to cushion the year they’ve had.

  42. nicole larsen says

    Yes please I,d love to give this to my daughter for been the very best daughter I could ever ask for

  43. So many deserving entries, no idea how you are going to choose. I would love to win the bassinet because its beautiful, I’ve been trying for yonks to get pregnant and well you never know – it might bring us luck?!?

  44. I would gift this beauty to my gorgeous sister who is expecting her first baby just after Christmas this year!

  45. I’d like to win this beautiful bassinet for my daughter in law who is expecting and due with
    my first grand child in May. They thought she would have trouble conceiving after problems she’d had earlier in life but happily she’s expecting a gorgeous little girl.

  46. Ohh I would love this for myself. After 10 years of trying to conceive both naturally and through fertility treatments, I’m very surprised to find myself at 12 weeks pregnant today! This beautiful bassinet will fit right in at home, I absolutely adore it! xx

  47. My beautiful sister in law is 12 weeks preggers with her first bub. We lost my Mother in Law to Cervical Cancer 4 months ago so this time is very bitter sweet for her going through this without her Mum. She is the only girl amongst 3 brothers so she really needed her Mum.
    This would be ace to put a real boost of happiness into her world. It’s adorable and would very much fit in and bring lots of joy to many generations of babies in our family!!

    Love lots!

  48. Sarah Jane says

    What a beautiful bassinet! Would love this for my little one who is due in May. We struggled with infertility for some time and this Christmas, feeling this little person kick and wiggle around in there, is truely the greatest gift.

  49. Wow, I would love one of these for my 4th baby due in April, as we had already given away all of our baby things before deciding to have a 4th 4 years on. This beautiful bassinet would work perfectly either in our room or the nursery.

  50. Elisabeth Martins says

    I would love this for our little ball of joy. I am very much a traditionalist and love bassinets. Nobody seem to use them anymore, so they have a vintage feel.

  51. Elle Macdonald says

    I have been eyeing off these AMAZING bassinets for ages! I would love one for my next babymac and to hand around our growing family so all the little macs get a turn. Would just love to have this special piece as a family heirloom X

  52. I would love to win one of these beautiful bassinets for my best friend. After a hard year they have recently started trying for number 2. This bassinet would be the perfect gift.

  53. I’d love to give this to my (27 year old) baby, who is expecting her first baby. These beautiful designs are so uniquely different from the boring bassinet options available and it would suit her home perfectly =) Fingers and toes crossed

  54. I would love one of these bassinets to give to my brother and sister in law. They will be welcoming their first next year and it would be a great helping hand for them.

  55. Stevie Lauren says

    Oh be still my over-excited heart! What more can I say than LOVE. And that’s all that matters isn’t it?

    I am due to have my first baby in June next year and could not be more content. However my man and I couldn’t have picked a busier time – I am planning to open my dream cafe early next year and turn 30, then have a baby! Say what? I am expecting to never rest ever again…the anxiety builds – can I do this?

    That’s why I am talking about love – love for
    myself in this busy time, love for my ever supportive husband and love for this little baby. We are going to be a little light on in the hip pocket these coming months with so many unexpected costs in setting up a business so this bassinet (beside being the dreamiest bassinet I ever did see) would be a very gratefully received gift.

    I am flat out, I am so tired – do they make this in adult size?

  56. Such beautiful bassinets! ❤️❤️❤️ I would love one for our third babe due in May! I can imagine it being treasured in our family for many generations to come!

  57. As a first time mother it is all very confusing to choose the right nursery decor but upon your recommendation I can trust that these are the best products that I could wish for.

  58. These bassinets are perfection. I’d love to win won for my third child – as the majority of his things are hand me downs {but then again, there isn’t anything wrong with that}.

  59. Daniela Barbaro says

    I’d keep it all to myself, I’m hoping to have another Bub in the near future and love all the fantastic furniture available

  60. My bestie who is having her 3rd child! It was an unplanned, unexpected yet pleasant surprise so she has already given away all her baby goods and is now starting from scratch again.This bassinet would be mean ticking off one out of many items on her baby list.

  61. ross powell says

    really beautiful, more like an art work that’s practical, my first grandchild due in February would look so gorgeous in one of them, as babies do when they are fast asleep after a full tummy,i’ll be one proud grand dad

  62. lynne lillington says

    A new grand baby due in the new year and this would look great in the new nursery

  63. jody buhagiar says

    My niece has just had her first bub.
    Lovely bassinet providing a cosy hub.
    Looking stylish, light and divine,
    In her babyroom, it will shine.
    Perfectly fitting her decor
    I hope I win for her, what a score !!

    Merry Christmas 😀

  64. Please pretty pretty please! My little Bub who is currently half way cooking is my second little babe and is pretty much missing out on all the beautiful things miss 2yrs old got. In a frenzy to buy a new house I packed down the cot the other day (who does that at 20 weeks pregnant?) and due to the heat and craziness at the shops I’m not venturing out much An amazingly stunning bassinett like one of these for my baking little babe would mean it gets at least one thing of it’s own (poor second child) – I even missed my 19 week scan last week because – crazy toddler!!!!! Oh and I’m sure there is some prego brain in there too!

  65. I love these unique and lovely bassinets, I always envisioned myself having one just like these when I had a baby. I’d love to keep it for myself on the off chance that I have another baby but that would be selfish of me. I would give this to a friend of mine who is currently 35 weeks pregnant and hasn’t had time to sort out anything for the babies room yet. I fear this baby may end up sleeping in a drawer!!!

  66. I’d gift this to my beautiful little nephew Ben. So gorgeous, just wish I’d had the opportunity of buying these when by kidlets were wee!

  67. The sister in law and the nephew! They have had a hard year – this would spruice it up nicely!

  68. Alex Glasson says

    Our gorgeous baby grandson, can not see as he was born without an optic nerve, but his mama would love this setting to complete his room!! Thank you!

  69. With 3 of my closest friends expecting babies in the first quarter of 2017, obviously I would pass this on to one of them. Just stunning! Where was this stuff when I was baby making 9 years ago?

  70. Beth – these are gorgeous!!
    We are currently expecting baby #2 due in 3 & a bit months and currently poor baby has nothing new, only hand me downs from his big bro. The bassinet we used for our first has been passed on to another friend so baby currently has nowhere to sleep! Winning this would help us to cross something off our ever growing list of things to do before baby arrives.

    Unfortunately I currently have no pregnant friends but would lovingly pass this on when the time comes. (I would really love to be an aunty one day!)

  71. Kellie Collett says

    I’m just going to plead my case…
    Baby number 4 is just over half cooked and on the way, due in April.
    After baby 3 I WAS DONE. Bassinet, cot, pram, highchair could not be gone from my house quick enough. This leads to the slight issue of having nothing for baby (boy after 3 girls). Currently he isn’t even getting a bassinet, this bubba will be going straight to an IKEA cot.
    Soooo, not only would I adore one of these treasures from Rattan but it would be given a good home and be so well loved and appreciated.
    On a side note, after baby finishes in his gorgeous bassinet I can seriously see some big sisters taking over one of these pretties for their teddies and babies. Definitely a piece to be treasured forever xxx

  72. Laura Scriven says

    I’m due next year,
    So this would give us cheer!
    Love the look of rattan,
    The quality finish also has me as a fan!

  73. Louise Sprigg says

    I would love to win this for my gorgeous friend who is about to have her fourth baby. Trouble is she gave away all her baby things after number three, is due in a few weeks but will probably be induced next week due to complications and has nothing organised. Nothing!!! And it doesn’t help that we live in rural WA without any decent shops on our doorstep. I’d love to help her out and surprise her by winning a gorgeous bassinet.

  74. Nicole Walton says

    I would gift this to my friend who at 41 is getting the chance to be a mother for the very first time. A very special crib for a very special baby would be a fantastic gift!

  75. Leeanne Bojovic says

    For my Sister inlaw who is due next year she would love this for her newest addition to the family.

  76. Our family bassinet has finally kept too many georgous little babies cosy while they slept (can’t even count how many friends and families babies have slept in it over close to 40 years). A replacement is needed as my second bubba is due next year. This would make a wonderful new family treasure and be used for the next 40 years for the generations of beautiful babies to come.

  77. julie bennett says

    Love this for our little one on the way its so special and fully of character absolutely gorgeous

  78. We have lost our first little poppyseed this Christmas and are believing for a 2017 Christmas miracle. Would love to have him/her sleeping soundly in this divine bassinet.

  79. I’ve found it hard to express in words how much this beautiful bassinet would mean to us, as we are expecting our third darling around Christmas. Last year we had three loses (and some cervical surgeries) and so this pregnancy has been an emotional ride to say the least; constantly worried and anxious to have gotten this far and if this was going to be our journey. We knew ‘someone’ was missing but didn’t realise that that might not have been part of our plan, but so blessed that so far it is. So we don’t have many things for our rainbow baby, and a beautiful bassinet like this would be such a special start for such a treasure.
    Thank you for all your honest and real blog posts about your journey with Maggie, it certainly meant a lot to Me and has helped me get me through this pregnancy.

  80. I would love to win this for my gorgeous daughter who has just had a beautiful baby girl, Lilly, only 3 weeks ago. I LOVE these bassinets, to me they are just so pretty & would be perfect (after a boy) to make the nursery more girly!!!! But … I think the poor lady who has broken her ankle deserves this more ?

  81. I would gift this to my amazing SIL who just over a year beat ovarian cancer married her best friend this year and just found they a bundle of joy on the way

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