Things I like {The 7th March 2017 edition}

Oh my, the sun shone briefly yesterday which meant that I got some washing done at last! Now if that won’t put a pep in my Maintenance Monday step after a week of constant rain then NOTHING will. There’s lots to like around here at the moment, thought I would share a few.

The green, green growth from all that rain. Happy cows and potatoes around here which means we are happy too!

The Autumn colours are starting to put on a bit of a show which really makes me happy, and even though there’s not much left in the garden, the colours truly are something special. Did I mention I LOVE Autumn? I LOVE AUTUMN.

I am also LOVING the complete dynamic change in this house since we did the room swap a few weeks ago and now everyone has their own room.

Sleep has been going well for all three girls, they have their own space, there has been home work completed at desks and Mags is thrilled that she is a big girl too now Mummy. Big girl. She’s big ok? Just ask her.

And as for our room? Well I am just as happy! Grown up space!

Lamps that I can leave on at night. A TV if I wanted to hop into bed and watch something. A grown up person’s room. It’s making Rob and I very happy, and yes I am wondering why it took me so long to do.

I’m liking Daisy getting letters in the mail from London and her being able to write back (at her desk of course!). I remember when I was about her age, perhaps a little older I used to write letters religiously to my Aunt who lives in Tasmania. She gave them to me a few years back and oh my goodness the lament! We should all write more letters I think.

And don’t get me started on the Autumn colours of the hydrangeas that have all turned from white to green and pink…

Or the dahlias I pinched from Lucy’s garden yesterday (Boofy you have to show Fester how glorious they are…)

I’ve moved the Fiddle-Leaf Fig from the mantle piece in the lounge room into our bedroom because we will likely have to start evening fires again soon as it will defo NOT cope with that. I am expecting it to turn its toes on me, but I can at least say that I kept it alive for 3 months. I did!

And you know how I wasn’t sure about that new coat rack stand thing at the front door? Well, it’s working a treat. There’s space for School bags on the bench, hats and bags and coats on the racks and school notes, recorders, bits and pieces underneath. And now the hockey bag makes the cut as we have registration this arvo which means the season is upon us.

What are you liking this Tuesday afternoon?


  1. Katie Elliott says

    I LOVE Autumn too and today in Katoomba, I literally skipped down the street with my almost 2yo kicking and jumping on crunchy Liquid Amber leaves that had fallen! Relishing the chill in the air ?????

  2. Jane Hely says

    A teensy bit jelly Beth. It’s still hovering around 30 degrees here on the Gold Coast. Enough already! ?

  3. I am loving the coat stand. Brilliant. Loving Autumn too. I was so over the sticky hot days in Sydney. Enjoy!!!

  4. all lovely in your garden beth!
    my garden is spruced up and painting the side of the house with scaffold up is a goer!
    even if a slight autacation at the breakfast table!:0
    spell check!!
    sunny here and all good love m:)X

  5. Still loving that bag…?

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