Things I like {The Colour edition}

The icy wind blowing a gale outside isn’t much to get excited about, but you know what? There’s only 1 day of school left, then it’s holidays! Besides that, there is plenty to like around these parts as we soak up the peace before the storm of 2 extra kids back home! Here’s what I am liking this cold Thursday afternoon.

A full wood basket inside and out, with a huge pile outside that needs stacking. I love that saying “chop your own wood and it will warm you twice”. Chopping wood is one of my most favourite things to do, and I do believe I am quite expert at it. Talk about stress reliever!

And speaking of warm, I am quite taken with Frank’s new coat that he got this week. Dead set, he thinks he is a cat.

We had an art/cushion rearrangement at home this week and I am loving how a little change can make such a big difference. Our entranceway is looking very grown up!

And as for my indoor plants, they are SO happy this year. I have tried to really take care of them with watering, spraying them with a fine mist and giving them lots of dusting (we get lots of ash around from the fire).

This was just a potted pansy given to me by Aunty June last year and look how it’s hanging down now? Have you ever seen anything like it? There’s hardly flowers anymore, but I love these tendrils.

And can we all take a moment to take in the FIDDLE LEAF. It’s not dead! In fact, one could say it is THRIVING. New leaves! It’s now in our bedroom (easterly aspect) which is cool most of the time. It gets morning sun and I am watering it only every 2 weeks. Could this be the secret to keeping it alive?

And coming alive outside in the garden are all kinds of things, even in these frosty conditions. The jonquils are popping up and unfurling their papery petals.

The hellebores ready to burst into bloom!

And we all know what time it is this time of year right? DAPHNE TIME. All of my big bushes (bwahaha) are in bud ready to burst in all their beautiful scent.

I am loving some presents from friends received in the past week or so. Miss Rabbit (aka Yorkshire Kitchen) got me this little vintage vase (the top of her head is where the blooms sit). Although I discovered this week when I went to use it that her earrings are holes so the water pours out….oops!

And how about this beautiful necklace from Louisa Rose? Such a thoughtful, kind and completely unexpected gift (my favourite kind). Loving the connection to stones she sourced in NYC too. You need to go check out her Instagram as well, she has designed and created some gorgeous double sided silk scarves that are going online later today. If you are silk scarf lover be sure to check it out.

And I am also loving the packing and anticipation of our holiday away next week. It’s going to be cold, but we will be nice and warm in these pretties. How about these boots for Harps $15 from Big W? SHUT UP.

What are you liking this Thursday afternoon?
Love a little re-arrangement of stuff at home too?
Got Daphne budding? Bulbs popping?


  1. Just picked a great big bunch of yellow daphne for the kitchen table. Love daphne time of year and flowers on the table to make me feel as though I somewhat have it together!

  2. Love that vase. I imagine you’ve already thought to pop a narrow jar inside her head so her hat can still bloom. You could pop some earrings on her and change them depending on what flowers she has. ?

  3. My Miss G has those boots and she loves herself sick in them all the time!! That vase would cope with a dried floral arrangement beautifully. We’re heading up the coast tomorrow for a week and absolutely no packing has taken place yet. The plan is to swoop in early and collect the kids from school and try and head north before that bit of the Pacific Hwy past Chatswood becomes totally unbearable. We shall see!

  4. I am loving some grey o’cast drizzle here in the Cotswolds and the excuse to pull on my Hunter wellies for a stomp around the woods (not loving the big pile of washing building up).
    I am loving that a very cheap mix of blue flower seeds I sowed in late March are about to turn into pretty blue Love-in-a-Mist flowers.
    I am loving the big bunch of Peonies on my relatively new antique French farmhouse dining table.
    And absolutely loving the call from Laura Ashley to say they will deliver our new wingback armchair on Monday. I am prematurely getting my hygge on in our lounge room ready for autumn. I am going to read in that chair next to the fire so MUCH come the colder months.
    Enjoy your holiday time 🙂

  5. My daphne is budding beautifully but the leaves are yellowing! Any ideas on what I’m doing wrong anyone??

    • So are mine…they always do this time of year too. Don’t do anything..that’s the best advice with Daphne..leave it be!! x

  6. My FLF is not thriving. I read all your tips bought one, sat it in the office & promptly forgot about it for weeks. All the leaves have fallen off & I’m just gonna paitiently wait until it miraculously springs back to life…right? ?

  7. I bloody love all the colours & patterns of your world Beth!!

  8. All Lovely beth!
    I’m not jealous but helabores!!!
    Big day today! we are helping my sister and her husband move down from the hills for a sea change! … near us! Happy! … She Can’t wait either! And dad’s over the moon!
    Enjoy your trip!
    Much love m)x?

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