One thing: Maggie gets her own room {at last}

We had some free time this weekend without Rob working so we decided to tackle a project that has been on the #onething list for some time now. And by some time, I mean like 18 months or so. Cough. This one thing: Moving Maggie into her own room,

For those of you not playing along, #onething is where I do just ONE THING from my to-do list, but not your every day to-do list. Oh no, this is the list of non essential items that sort of kind of need to get done but it’s no biggie if they don’t get done until next week, or next month, or um, next year. Those things. Just one. Every week.

This one has been lingering for some time for a number of reasons. One: I am lazy and it was really easy to have Maggie in our room. Two: We have been dealing with number 2 daughter and her serious sleep issues and while we were completely out of our minds with exhaustion and general OVER IT NESS from that we weren’t going to do it. And three: it was a REALLY big job. You see, Maggie had to move into Harper’s room. Harper was going to get Daisy’s bunk beds and move into a new bedroom (the guest room) and Daisy was staying where she was but with the bed from the guest room. See? Shitfight. And more than that, there were beds to undo and put back together, cupboards to transfer between and a BIG clean up. Can you see why this kept getting put off?

Here’s how it was: Daisy’s room, The guest room & Harper’s room. Mags was in cot in our room.

Like any of these big jobs, it’s not fun. It’s messy. It gets far worse before it gets better but there is NO better feeling than when it’s done. We got rid of the kids for the day and got on with it. We didn’t stop from 9am to 4pm. There was a last minute dash to Officeworks to get desks for the big two. And the room reveals when the kids got home was good fun!

Daisy now has the guest bed and a bit more of a grown up room. We just made do with what we had, no new products or styling going on and there’s more needed in here, but it’s a start. And she’s thrilled. And all I know is that she made her bed this morning and folded her nightie on her bed. TICK.

Harper’s room is awesome. SHE LOVES IT. She spent all afternoon writing and drawing at her desk, practising dance routines and listening to music in there.

And Maggie FINALLY has a room to call her own. To play in. To hopefully sleep well in. And we have our bedroom back.

This has, however, started a chain effect of more #onethings to do which kind of sucks. I HAVE to deal with the girls clothes situation. I have to go through ALL the baby clothes and things and sort in case Lucy has a girl and then I have to go through nasty piles of shite that have been moved from inside to the garage for now. Until that is done, I won’t be happy that the job is done.

The call out from Maggie “where are oooo Mama?” was enough to break my heart, but I know it’s time. This last baby business is apparently quite hard to let go from. Proof enough that this has taken 18 months to do. But it’s time, after going to a High School thing on Friday for Daisy, I suddenly feel like we are hurtling into a new phase of parenthood, and now we are kind of ready for it. For a few years at least.

And the fact that I got through that mammoth effort without a drink at the end? Well, feeling extra proud of my efforts!

What was your one thing last week?
Anyone else getting stuck into some big jobs this weekend?
Why can’t I just be lazy and DO NOTHING?!


  1. One question Beth – you have so many guests – where do they now sleep ?

  2. Ps – rooms look amazing

  3. Cleaning out the linen press. Throwing out sheets that just don’t get used. making sure that the fitted sheets are perfect(thank you I watched your how to fold a fitted sheet )100 times and bloody hell they are perfect. I colour coded all the towels, yes I know but now I can openly admit it, haha and threw out any ratty table clothes. A job that should have been done 12 months ago. AND it only came about when I spotted what you were doing yesterday, you encouraged me BUT I had a drink at the end of it, sorry. Rooms look fantastic. great job.

  4. Job well done, thanks for sharing, now just to hope all girls sleep well.

  5. Go Beth, that is fantastic, and yes – feels so good when It is all done doesn’t it. We did this after Christmas. Swapped all three boys around… moved the guest queen bed (yes, it required dismantling too) to another room which was to become Tom’s room (and a guest room when he is at boarding school but all set up for him), Harry got the old guest room and Clancy got Tom’s old room. It is so good having them all in their own rooms, so much easier to contain their gear. It felt so good once it was done, but boy we were in a mess while it was going on.

  6. HUGE job! But DONE! I bet the Girls are all thrilled! I bet it was CRAZY! Love that you can just pop to Officeworks and buy desks! ??

  7. Well done. It’s so exciting to have new rooms. I’m trying to start packing up to move in a month. Hate packing but feel after seeing these gorgeous pics that I should just stop being lazy & get on with it! Love all your colours ?

  8. Lisa Mckenzie says

    They all look fantastic Beth Xx

  9. Great job! Well done! It always seems like you are on holiday for a while afterwards…..a change is as good as a holiday!
    Hint: put a fitted sheet on the spare mattress under the bed to match in with the other beds and looks much nicer visually. xx

  10. Sue Weppner says

    The floral mat in Maggie’s room is lovely. Was this a recent purchase and could I ask from where please ?
    They are all lovely rooms and I am sure the girls are going to be very happy in them.
    What a mammoth task tho…I bet you are still standing at the doorways and being pleased with yourself for completing one more thing on your list!

  11. Khali Whatley says

    You could never be called lazy. I get tired just reading your updates 🙂

  12. Giddy up Beth … time for a King bed for you and Rob 🙂

  13. well done guys! … looking great!
    it’s lovely for each to have their own creative spaces!
    ahem where is iron bed now? … I love them!
    none of my business but it looks exactly like the one my daughter had growing up! … it was her grandma’s!
    we have it in our shed still!!!
    hopefully a hiccupless transition!
    much love m:)X

  14. Oh i love this post .
    Absolutely brilliant effort and stunning result for all your gorgeous girls.
    I am putting aside my first rostered off weekend in March (YES I AM) to do the same except my daughters are ADULTS and then the following weekend off I am going away as a reward BUT ONLY if I clear the decks first…which includes charity bin and shop drop offs not carting shite in my car.
    No drinking after all you did on the weekend- you deserve a f*@king medal!

  15. Lucky girls! What beautiful bedrooms 🙂

  16. Bravo! Makes my getting a watch band, changing my name at uni from maiden to married, and getting a spare key for our Peugeot look half-assed as #onething contenders!

  17. ❤️ Pusheen!

  18. Random question but is that a diffuser on Harper’s shelf? The orange thing? Love all their rooms, great job, now to reno yours…

  19. First, I love that your children’s rooms look like children’s rooms with all that is special and important to THEM. Too often “mommy bloggers” try to style their childrens rooms to look like little adult rooms with hardly any toys (or perfectly curated toys) and no little knicknacks and bumbly stuff all kids get and latch on to. Secondly, I still need a video tutorial on how to make beds beth style and a sub video on how to make bunks. So help me god i can’t properly do a bunk and end up all hot and sweaty with a messy bunk to boot.


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