The prettiest Christmas trees we have

Maggie had a busy morning pottering about in the garden this morning, and I was happy to take some photos of her along the way. The fairy garden that my Mum made Harper for her birthday continues to delight her…new flowers have started to bloom and the succulents thriving despite Maggie continuing to break them off as “food” for the fairies.

And can you hear the choir of angels singing? The star jasmines that are on very pole of our verandahs are all in full bloom. They look and smell SPECTACULAR.

There was wheelbarrows filled with water from rain yesterday, and sunshine to enjoy before more rain and cold weather arrives tomorrow.

Hope you enjoy your Sunday friends x


  1. Great photos Beth, no rain today but wild and woolly here. Enjoy your Sunday ?

  2. What type of structural support is there for the Jasmine? They are glorious

  3. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful post…and yes the star jasmine are amazing is the friendship between Maggie and Frank! Xx

  4. I love your pillars of star jasmine beth!
    I have been so inspired as to have a jasmine corner, where mr m has put up a trellis and I have some prostrate ones now too! … a bit harder to come by.
    loving mag’s dress repeating the jasmine colour theme! … she is so gorgeous!
    much love mxx

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