The best of the June long weekends

Here we are at the start of the June long weekend. One of my favourites in the whole year and always a big one in the village. For years now the ball always falls on the Saturday night of the long weekend, with the fireworks on the Sunday night and it always means that we have had a house full of visitors. It’s cold and it’s where so many good memories are from since we have moved here.

This year is the first year that there’s no ball (no one to volunteer to do so) which makes me sad, and also means that regardless of how busy I am next year I will have to step up and make it happen as no other bastard will. It’s important to keep up the rhythms of a town and all the events that happen throughout the year…I know I have been slack of late for the post few years since Maggie arrived, but it’s time to step back up.

I thought I’d trawl back through some of my favourite memories of the June long weekend…always lots of eating and drinking and spending time with friends and family…so pretty much just all my favourite things.

We have a very quiet one ahead of us – Dad and my step mum are down tonight and then we have crackers on Sunday and that’s about it. Nice and slow just mostly just us with a bit of cooking thrown in I bet…I’m looking forward to a slower pace that’s for sure.

What’s on your plans for the weekend ahead?
Stay warm, dry and safe on the roads x


  1. Off to see the Raiders play in Bathurst. Never been, so why not. Whole bunch of us are going. Lots of beers and footy, and if the weather report is to be believed, rain and cold!

  2. Our long weekend was last weekend & it was totally delightful!
    Took my little lady to see Frozen on Ice. I was not looking forward to it but it ended up being fun & I enjoyed doing something “girly “with my VERY girly girl.
    We lit the bonfire. Six days later its still smoldering !!!
    We went Sunday driving like the proper 63 year olds we are. We had bakery food, stopped at a park & made plans for the future.
    And finished the weekend off with a trip to Bunnings to pick up odds & ends & get some shit sorted around the house.
    Enjoy yours Beth xx

  3. Into the city to see Vivid, bit of a change for us as well. Normally family come to us in the Blue Mountains, this time we are visiting them

  4. We will be taking Miss 15 Months to the Dark Mofo Winter Feast in Hobart this weekend. The Dark Mofo Festival has become a fixture for our “little towns” rhythm and we love it. The whole city is lit up with red lights. If you are even keen to check it out Beth, you and the family would always have a warm bed at our place! 😀

  5. Enjoy your quiet weekend. It has been a busy couple of year for you but I am sure next year you will have that Ball sorted faster than you can say sparkle. Love these photos!

  6. Quiet day yesterday and a day spent at the snow today. Was brilliant weather up at Dinner Plain in Vic; the kids had a ball! We went up with good friends and tobogganed, made a snowman with all the trimmings and had a snowball fight. Perfect day. Tomorrow catching up with a dear friend for lunch. I’m providing lunch so will trawl through your recipes for inspiration.

  7. OMG, I can’t believe the ball didn’t happen! Well put me down, we’re back in the highlands from June 21. Next year can be bigger and better.

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