Weekends filled with sunshine and happy kids

How was your weekend? I hope you all had a good one…I know that we did here. It was simple, it involved lots of time in the sun and being at home, and as a consequence of that, lots of happy kids too. After so many months of travel and work and one or both of us being away, the fact that we have been home most weeks and weekends has meant that the kids are settled and happy. And for this home body? Me too!

I started the weekend out right with a champers with my sister on Friday afternoon as the kids played. We sat and sipped champers while we watched Dots on the floor eating her toes. That kid is too much!

Saturday I managed to get some exercise in, plenty of time pottering about in the garden and in the afternoon we all headed off to a local music festival night organised by friends at a local High School. It was so lovely to spend a sunny (and HOT) afternoon listening to music with lots of local young talent, eat some great food and have a dance to Leo Sayer. So much fun.

My Sundays of late are seeming more and more like #maintenancemondays which is TOTALLY boring but! They do set me up well for the week ahead to get work done, especially when my little sidekick only sleeps every so often these days.

I washed. Put it away. Rob mowed and edged. I cleaned the house. Changed all the sheets. Washed all the towels. And then at about 3.30 my sister and her family popped over for a drink and an early dinner for the kids. Now that’s something that a #maintenancemonday doesn’t involve – bubbles in the sunshine at 4pm!

So we saw the weekend out, the way we saw it in, watching a happy baby eat her toes…it doesn’t get much better does it?

Look at that happy little face! Dottie now 7 months old if you can believe it!

How was your weekend?
What did you get up to?


  1. Susan, Mum to Molly says

    Ours was busy! We started with double concert evening at school on Friday – the annual band-fest followed by carols by candlelight (in November!?). So my eight-year-old has worked her first 13-hour day.

    Saturday was “the usual” shopping and swimming routine, and then on Sunday we finally used one of our gifts from Christmas 2016 when all five of us did indoor skydiving, including our young wheelchair-user! Highly recommend iFly Downunder at Penrith.

  2. Sounds perfect Beth. Little Dot is absolutely gorgeous ☺️X

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