It’s Monday, it’s hot and there’s 2 weeks of school holidays to go.

That just about sums up where I’m at this Monday afternoon. I think I have a raging case of PMT, Rob has been away for work for a couple of days (home tonight YAY) and it’s going to be 36 tomoz. Bluergh-o-rama.

But let me tell you about the last few days. When the weather cooled a little, and the weekend came and went. Bear with me as I rattle on about the weather, apparently that’s just who I am these days.

Friday Frank had a haircut and doesn’t he look smart?

We cooled off at the Falls again then spent most of Friday checking the weather app every 5-6 minutes because SOMEHOW it was still in the thirties well into the middle of the night.

Saturday Rob headed off to Adelaide for work so the girls and I spent the day pottering about at home, catching up with Mrs Munro and her girls before an early home cooked dinner and to bed early. Maggie has a personal space problem at the moment, as in, her favourite space is my immediate space.

I managed to binge watch some serious Housewife action on the iPad, as well as watering the garden like a woman possessed, again checking the sky and the weather apps for updates on when the southerly would hit. These are not exciting days, but good for us all just to slow down before the year begins properly in a few days time.

As an aside, Maggie is growing up way too much.

Yesterday was cooler and even slower if that’s at all possible? There was a bit of serious action in the garden with some pruning and hedging, before frocking up (so to speak) for a girls dinner.

I wore a new Tigerlily kimono I bought online that arrived on Friday arvo. I do believe it will get a solid work out over the years to come. Also got to wear jeans as the weather cooled down to 16 degrees, with a little mist and drizzle thrown in for good measure.

Now we all know that a girls dinner is one of my favourite things to do. Last night was no exception, we were being hosted by Nikki from Cottonwood Interiors check out her Instagram feed for some serious style and superior cushion chopping. We had the BEST night, so much laughter, wonderful food and company. You can see the table here (how lovely to sit around a round dining table!).

And can we discuss the monogrammed linen napery that she has? I mean, COME ON NIKKI. Too fabulous. Obviously I am frantically trying to work out how to get a B&R for my own table.

The food was sensational (chicken pot pies, saffron mash, some fab beans that my sis made) as well as superior nibbles and some mini pavs for dessert.

Given that I had a babysitter waiting at home I made sure I left at a reasonable hour, which is just as well because I could have sat at that table all night long. Real housewives of BH eat your hearts out.

So here we are at Monday, staring down another hot week and the juggle that is work and kids and school holidays. 2 weeks to go…let’s do this!

So tell me what you got up on the weekend?
Anyone else getting more and more weather obsessed like me?


  1. Totally weather obsessed here, although in Tassie it’s certainly milder than the rest of the country. We adopted a sad, mistreated greyhound on Saturday – hoping we can find the sparkle in his eyes before too long.

  2. Since moving to acreage which we love mind you, we have had numerous things like cracked tanks , shed building go ahead of my beloved aircon installation. Three years on my thermometer is about to blow ahahh and my husband knows it. The girls and I 10 and 12 have taken to cacooning ourselves in our jayco expanda caravan in glorious aircon. Its fine there but nothing other than reading and resting gets done in the igloo. AND for gods sake I made the mistake of reading the local paper which is announcing for all to hear that we will be frying this week at nearly 40 degrees , yep thanks for that, I’m going to be a trailer park girl for a few days yet.

  3. I’m not weather obsessed, I’m OUTLANDER obsessed! If you haven’t watched it yet, I highly recommend you do!

  4. Your outfit is gorgeous. Your life to many of us is idealic but it must be hard with your hubby away, not being able to have a break from the kids. Magpie is looking more like you everyday. Enjoy the rest of the school holidays

  5. 38 degrees here tomorrow. Gross.

  6. Real Housewives of the Southern Highlands? … don’t think you’re trashy enough x

  7. I worked at the Cafe until 12 noon on Sat and got picked up and straight to Canberra packed up with meals for Wayne’s mum. She fell over a week ago while gardening and broke her wrist, Yes her left wrist – 76 years old. Got back to Robbo at 12.15 midnight. Up to Sydney on Sunday afternoon for my Dads 76th birthday. home at midnight.Back to the Cafe this morning… MMM oh weekend where did you go?

  8. Your week sounds fab Beth! Loving that kimono and that table setting was divine!
    I had my very FIRST girls weekend away. 2 nights, 5 mammas, plenty of wine and food! I loved it but it’s so good to be home ?
    Have a wonderful week…

  9. BEST weekend. Returned from an agonizing 2.5 week, 5100km road trip with THREE kids in my MAZDA. (I know right, TRAUMATIC). And collected our newest family addition, 10 week old golden retriever Ted who is stupidly cute but has piranha tendencies.

  10. As far as I’m concerned, it could stay 35+ all year! Summer in Perth is a bit hit and miss this year seeming to alternate between 23 and 40. Most unusual for us.

    My weekend was spent watching kid’s swimming lessons, housework, gardening and cooking for people who popped in. Busy and boring and fabulous. Maggie looks like such a big girl in that photo. I feel your pain. Xx

  11. Elise Schaefer says

    Our weather in SA is much like Cheryl’s in WA. Hot couple of days around 40ish then drops by 15 degrees. With torrential monsoon rains- at least the garden is getting a decent drink, its actually never looked better. And yes I’m a weather app checker.
    Well done to Pip for adopting that doggie.
    Enjoy your kiddies babymac mine are grown.and I still miss school holidays with them. Sniff sniff ? haha

  12. you can do this beth!
    mags is probably missing one on one’s with you! … all day long!!!
    I love that round table! we have one, I think it’s more convivial … women in circle!
    i’m enjoying the peace and serenity this week and tossing out junk! … soo proud!
    i’m weather obsessed too! … it cooled down through the night but apparently up to 35 today!
    we are going out for dinner with friends tonight! … don’t have to think about doing food!
    enjoy! much love m:)X

  13. We are having a wonderful time in Melbourne (god, I love this city), the weather was lovely and cool over the weekend, which I soaked right up. It’s going to be 38 here today, but without Brisbane’s stinky humidity I can handle it.

    We are back to school next week (start the Hallelujah chorus!), so I’m trying to enjoy these last few days as well as take a few deep breaths as I expect it will be a helluva year ahead. Is it just me or does all the “stuff” of parenting get bigger and more daunting as they get older?! I never thought I’d say it, but sometimes I miss the simplicity and the pottering that you do when you have toddlers and small kids.

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