A hot day, and a cool change

Yesterday was hot, properly summery hot. Where the sun is beating down without a breeze to cool anything down. Tempers were frayed. Kids were bored. There was just one thing for it: water. One of my friends and her kids were heading to a local waterfall/swimming hole (Carrington Falls) so we tagged along, embarrassed that in the 6 years we have lived there we had never been before.

It was 36 when we got there. We set up on a rock with a tentative baby who was unsure why the mention of a “swim” meant it was going to take place amongst all these “rocks”. It took some time but she got into the swing of it by the end.

Particularly as the falls were so low so there were tiny little baths, perfect Maggie size that had little waterfalls into them. Yes, she worked it out alright.

People came and went and we kept watch on that cool change that was due to hit.

Stopped and refuelled (ciders for the Mum’s for the win!).

I kept watching that valley like a hawk.

And then, what could that be?

Besides a happy baby and 4 big kids we didn’t see for hours?

The mists first, rolling in slowly, then fast and thick swirling through the trees with her cool breath. The light lowered, the drizzle began to fall, and we packed up our picnics and went on our way back up the hill.

By the time we got home, it was 18 degrees, drizzly and thick of mist. So in other words, ideal.

How are you coping in this summer heat?
Love a southerly change as much as me?
Another hot one tomorrow though…


  1. Oh MY, I would love a bit of that cool change in QLD. Only happens if I turn on the aircon. What an amazing country we live in x

  2. Gorgeous pics! Looks like a very tranquil place. We have swimming holes close by where we live that I rarely visit. They are beautiful too. Should make more of an effort. Stay cool. 🙂

  3. I would have died yesterday if that cold change hadn’t kicked in. Gotta love the highlands…scorching one minute – thick fog and chilly the next!

  4. The cool change hit us today- from 40 yesterday to 24 today! Summer has been completely bearable so far here in Perth, for starters, its didn’t start in September so that’s something & we have had more days in the high 20’s than any other Summer I can remember in the 10 years I’ve lived here. Sure, the grass is brown & my garden looks like shit but I’m not completely losing my m,ind & threatening to move the whole family to Tassie like I do every Summer so that’ something!

  5. that looks like an amazing spot beth!
    mags worked it out for sure! soo adorbs!
    we are waiting for a change here!
    I do love a southerly change too!
    much love m:)X

  6. Yes !! Perfect day. Especially when the southerly hits. V x

  7. I am a bloody Queensland through and through but cannot stand this heat and the humidity god rest my hair !!! no aircon but the lovely jayco caravan does so out in the shed, in a cacoon with the girls, some choccies, a good book and the cavoodle Rigby. I really should move to Tassie

  8. Beth, I just loved this post for its pure simplicity. I think you have such a knack for turning something seemingly ordinary (kids going for a swim and the weather turning…) into something extraordinary. That photo of the mist through the valley made my heart flutter!!!

  9. Just doing a little catch up of my fave blog from 3 weeks missing… oh Beth… wow, that looks gorgeous and that cool change… aahhhhhhhh. I think it might be hotter down there at the moment than it is up here!!!


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