Early spring

Where the days are a little longer and warmer, every time you look up you see a new fleeting blossom. There’s sunshine in the days and sparkly stars in the cool night. It’s all about promise and hope of what is to come. You marvel at everything coming back to life after so many months of quiet and you start to panic about all the gardening that is to come. On we go, a constant reminder in the garden and a place where true seasons live.

We’re getting pretty weary around these parts as it’s been a busy term filled with constant sickness and sport and STUFF. Bring on the end of next week when we get two weeks off. Did I tell you guys we are off to New Zealand? I don’t think I did! We are all SO excited to be hopping on a plane…it’s been 4 years since the girls have been on one when we went to Italy for Rob’s Dad’s 70th (we were there now in fact) and can’t wait to share that magnificent place with the girls. We are just going to be in South Island for 9 days driving around and spending some quality time together. I haven’t really allowed myself to think about it…but will need to start to focus in the next week.

Mowing season began on the weekend which always looks SO good but sheesh it means many, many trips around this over the next 8 months. So much gardening, so much mowing. Many mowings you guys. Many hedges many mowing.

Do you like the spring blossom Mpggpe drew? She’s getting really big and it’s a delight and tragedy all at once. All the girls are getting too big in fact and I am not sure how to slow things down.

Thank GOD for Dorothy and her piggy tails is all I am saying.

I don’t know what is going to happen when she decides to grow beyond 3. It’s not ok. She also calls lollypops LILLYPOPS so obviously we give her them all the time because: LILLYPOPS.

I don’t even think I have debriefed on last weekend when we went away to the beach to celebrate my brother in law’s birthday with the fam. There was hot weather, wind, long lunches, birthdays, great food, walks, a sick kid (of mine of course) and a little unwind over 2 days. Perfect for the end of the tired term.

I’ve been trying out some new stuff in the kitchen, as well as some trusty old faves. Nothing like a change in season to make you want to eat differently. That said, cake and margaritas are still very much on the menu. I’ve been trying to exercise a little more and there has been plenty of running around with the shop for sure too – so many new arrivals has meant a very busy time for Lucy and I. It’s so much fun though..gosh I enjoy it.

So for now, it’s back to getting another log our two on the fire. It’s wet and cold outside this morning (absolute heaven) and the girls will start to wander out here in the next little while, one by one and the day will begin. I try and get my work done early on a Tuesday so I can spend the morning with Maggie, this afternoon I am going to try and record a new podcast. The days are filled right up to the brim with stuff, but it’s Spring, so it’s ok.

How’s your early spring going?
Sneezing with hay fever or coughing from another cold?
On holidays yet and enjoying a change of pace?
Tell me everything.


  1. Oh there’s much excitement around these parts, I’m off to Vegas and NYC on Thursday with my sister for 2 weeks! No kids. No blokes. Shenanigans will be had!!

  2. Love your updates, Beth. NZ sounds great! Here’s to holidays just around the bend!

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