Weekends filled with good things

I’ll tell you something for nothing, weekends go waaaay too quickly. Especially busy ones, like the one that we just had, as it was jam packed with good things. So many good things!

Like this gorgeous bunch of flowers I picked up Friday morning for a mate…nothing this frustrated florist likes more in fact!

Except perhaps for a visit after school on Friday afternoon to visit our little Dottie. She is getting cuter by the second…lots of smiles for us all. Don’t even get me started on her new pink wondersuit!

Saturday it looked like this. GLORIOUS!

Maggie and I had the pleasure of attending the first ever Margaret lunch – a gathering of all the Margaret’s, Margie’s Maggie’s in the Highlands. Mags may have been the youngest but she still got stuck into her lunch and loved all the attention from her fellow people. I hope it won’t be the last Margaret gathering she goes to!

You can see some of the photos from the day here.

From there we hightailed it to Sydney for the night to go and see Ryan Adams at the Hordern. It was definitely a long time between concerts there for us (Rob had never been before) but it was great fun to be out and about with people that had lives.

Standing for over 3 hours though really made me feel every one of my almost 40 years. Also proving this was the case was the fact that I put my empty plastic cups into my hand bag to dispose of later rather than just chucking on the floor. It’s true! I’m such a Mum. I couldn’t have been happier to hop into our car straight after the concert and collapse into bed before midnight…we had a great time though and look! Here’s proof! This is me looking for the nearest bin.

Yesterday we were back on the road early to head back home for a gorgeous afternoon celebrating my good friend’s birthday. The sun was shining, the food and prosecco was abundant and the fire and love kept us warm all afternoon and into the evening despite the weather closing in and winter arriving.

I can’t believe how many of you were excited to see on Instagram that Darcy Proudman lives on. He does indeed! Although Mags and Arch are only interested in his Playschool repertoire.

So today I’m all filled up on goodness and happy times.

Carrot cake! Music! Friends! Wondersuits! Flowers!

I’m also staying close to the fire as it’s freezing and I have no where else to be before school pick up, so the slippers will stay on.

Did you have a good weekend too?
Tell me something good that you did or that happened!


  1. Gorgeous! That schnitty is the size of miss Maggie ?

  2. That schnitty is the size of miss Maggie ?

  3. What a joy filled weekend Beth.
    My weekend was quite ordinary so I’d say the best thing to happen was I finally ran 5kms. I started running about 2 months ago & it’s been hard in my old body but finally cracking that 5km mark made me feel really proud of myself. Then I backed it up & did it again the next morning. Today I can’t Fucking walk but who cares ( all the crying/laughing emojis!)

  4. We had a childless outing too! To the footy. With my dad. Twas good though. Held adult conversation, hope I didn’t just talk about my kids though…eeep!
    Good to see Darcy Proudman alive and kicking, a friend is also on Offspring (Nurse Kim), looks like such a hoot to make! Eddie Perfect’s kids go to Eleanor and Harriet’s cousins daycare, can you imagine the kids losing it?! hahahaha
    Pink wondersuits are life, I feel I need to jam Harriet into them as she is fast approaching one year old faster than is necessary…but recent crawling developments mean they are FILTH. FIIIILLLTHHH. And you KNOW my husband steam mops our floors like a demon.
    Where we used to live in NE Vic had a ‘Helen day’. Were there any Peggy’s at the Margaret lunch? I was quite keen on a bit of Margaret/Peggy action for our girls but Matt pooh-poohed. Hmph.

  5. I love this post. The world is insane right now, so hunkering down with family and friends is comforting. I saw The sense of an ending (brilliant), gardened, read, did all the ironing, and went out for Chinese with all the Big Names. x

  6. We hosted at our place! Loved the set up; not so much the clean-up when feeling dusty. Love the look on Zoe’s face in this last photo x

  7. Sooooo…spoil the beans! How does ‘Darcy Proudman’ end up in your circle of family and friends?!

  8. Sooooo…spill the beans! How does ‘Darcy Proudman’ end up in your circle of family and friends?!

  9. Michelle says

    I watched my god daughter play netball. She has only played a few games but she has improved so much – it makes this ex-netballer very proud! I just love watching her learn to love netball as much as I do! Oh and the coffee van serves good coffee!

  10. Looks ab/fab beth!
    Great photos! … everyone looking relaxed and happy! … lovely!
    Always liked john waters!
    I’ve been for a girls lunch today and tomorrow another friend is picking me up to go shopping and have lunch! … The holiday continues!
    Btw you looked fab for the gig darls! Love those boots too!
    Love mxx

  11. It was my mum’s 60th this weekend! That in itself was “an event” but more importantly, my 2 sisters, who have been re-enacting The Cold War for the past 3-ish years, finally managed to put their childish behaviour (I’m the eldest, I can say they’re being childish 😉 ) to one side and come together for our mum. It was a perfect afternoon/evening for mum, surrounded by her nearest and dearest. Fingers crossed the thaw continues!

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