Freedom is: Five

To be 5 again.
The wonder of almost everything.
Not knowing what’s around the corner, around every corner.
The joy.
And enthusiasm.
The non stop running.
The innocence.
The beauty.
It’s a pure joy to watch.

Yesterday we headed to Harper’s Mansion in Berrima to get lost in the maze and soak up some Easter sunshine.


  1. Harper has her own mansion?!

    … what is Sally going to think of this? 😉

    Seriously though. Sweet story, beautifully captured, beautifully told.


  2. Gorgeous post! Oh, to be a kid again!
    I love seeing the world through my kid’s eyes! MAGIC!
    That maze looks like awesome fun!

  3. I echo Claire’s comment. Oh, to be FIVE again!

  4. Oh I love those hedge style mazes, they’re… amazing! I think five is pretty cool too and I have a certain four year old who seems to love what he does also. Childhood in general is lovely. Great photos lady xo

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