Back to School 2013

Interesting only to Grandparents, Aunties & Uncles.

Daisy started Year 1 today. Remember last year? She’s grown up hasn’t she? She loves me taking pictures of her, and this morning she was particularly thrilled. Although it’s hard to tell, she really was excited about heading back to School.

No really, she was. See that look? I’ve been getting that for over a week now, every time I ask her to do something. Like have a bath. Or get dressed. You know, unreasonable things.

I managed one.

Harper starts Preschool on Monday and I can’t EVEN. There will be 2 days a week that I’m home. Alone. Well apart from a sniffing around husband.

I know it’s cliched and all those things but my heart. It aches with pride, love and sadness today. The letting go, it never gets easier, I don’t think it ever will.


  1. I’m just back from the Y2 drop off for the first time and I feel sadder than last year. My baby is sitting in the same classroom my big boy sat in 10 years ago. The one going off to uni. It’s all too much. x

  2. Grover had his best start assessment this morning. To start school on Monday. He insisted on wearing his brand new hard uncomfortable orthotically appropriate school shoes and hand-me-down school socks with his normal clothes.

    My heart.

    There was the incident in which Felix went to school a day early which kinda lightened the mood/mindset though, so there is that.

  3. I still haven’t come to terms emotionally with the kindy drop off. Don’t get me started on SCHOOL.

  4. I dropped all mine off, after looking forward to it for WEEKS,.and I feel sad,..and lonely,..and the house is SO QUIET. . x

    • It’s our right, as Mothers, to change our minds often and quickly. I was DESPERATE for her to be gone yesterday, and now I’m all sad. Silly sausage. Me, that is.

  5. I got the SAME look from my first timer this morning. Right before the tears……mine, then hers.
    They’re dancing on air on the inside.

  6. Your girls are gorgeous…scowls and all.

    I am pretty sure I gave my mother that look more often than I care to admit.
    I am making it up to her now though by being an exemplary grown up daughter.
    So there is hope.

    Enjoy the time home alone.
    I start off loving my days to myself…and then at just about two o’clock I find myself missing my little man!

  7. My son started year 1 today too. So different to last year.

  8. I’m just home from drop-off, Bell’s first day in junior college (year 5). I’m being quite brave….

  9. Daisy is growing up so fast. You have two beautiful girls. My heart just melts for that gorgeous Harper!

  10. I just did a post about my kids growing up, so I know how you feel.
    Please pop over and visit me.
    I’m now following you..xx

  11. My biggest starts high school next week & I can’t even put into words how I feel. The letting go does not get easier, for me it gets harder! He looks ready, tells me he is ready but I’m not! Three months ago I thought I was but I’m not…

  12. Year One children have the world all sewn up…this is a fact. You know nothing! This is from a very, very experienced teacher, mum and grandmother…. XX

  13. I think I just peed my self laughing!!! You sure your child is not related to mine???

  14. Oh, I hear you Beth. About it all!
    My firstborn started Prep today. I’m all kinds of messed up about it. It’s such a mix of emotions isn’t it – so lovely to have the peace and the one-on-one time with the younger child, but also so heart-wrenching to see how fast they’re growing up.
    The letting go, is definitely the hardest part of parenthood.
    It sux!

  15. Oh that look looks so familiar. My ten year old does one very similar. And we have a guaranteed 5 – 10 minute argument every single time I tell her to have a shower. Aaaaggghhhh – does my head in.

  16. Our D starts pre-school next week too. It’s only 2 afternoons a week but I have no idea how I’ll say goodbye… x

  17. I’m sorry, but that first photo is one of the most awesome back-to-school photos EVER.
    And yes. This letting go stuff is bullshit.

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