Full & Thorough Reporting

It seems like it’s been a long week don’t you think? I am still trying to work out how we were in Honkers last week? Now we’re back, it’s like it didn’t happen at all. At least there are snaps of it to remind me.

It’s been a busy week. With lots of this happening. Mags not letting me out of her sight, and me being 100% OK with that. Got to take these while you can.

Now first things first. I have to tell you about a MASSIVE homewares sale that Miss Rabbit is having next week.

I’m talking ALL of the things, beyond cheap: cushions, furniture, rugs, placemats, tablecloths, clocks, mirrors…anything for the home.

And it’s true wholesale prices, like CHEAP. If you are in the area I am urging you to pop on in and get started on some Christmas shopping. You will be like HOLY SHIT HOW IS THIS ALL SO CHEAP. Bring cash, I’ll be working Friday, and get shopping.

How was your Melbourne Cup day? We had a small lunch at my place with lots of Prosecco and superior chicken sambos and a quiche. Roses all around from the garden…basicially Flemington.

The garden is growing before our eyes at the moment, is yours too? We have a busy weekend planned trying to tackle the lawn and weeds and sprouting EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE.

Did the same at my sister’s place this morning…weeding, weeding, weeding. Such a gorgeous spring day at the garden at their place is OFF THE CHARTS gorgeous. Peonies galore all casual like, no big deal, here’s another 30 and roses like you have never seen. My payment will be in roses that I plan on picking this afternoon.

Had my eyes tested before we went away. I swear I JUST had them done, but a year was up…and what do you know I needed to get stronger ones. Check out my new frames…stoked that they only ended up being $60. And no sighs of glaucoma either…had so many new tests for it this time…maybe technology has improved or maybe I am just in a new elderly age bracket? It’s hard to say.

So that’s about it from me this week, I have a busy weekend of gardening and trips to the tip to sort out our shitfight of a garage…it never bloody ends does it this life adult maintenance? Got our last electricity and gas bill for the winter too…I am happy to see the end of winter! Mind you, we have had the fire on pretty much every night this week with the colder nights.

What do you have planned for the weekend ahead?
How is your garden looking?
Started your Christmas shopping?

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