Children get older

I’m getting older too.

She did it. We all did it. Daisy didn’t look back (of course). I clearly remember my first day of Primary School. I remember lamenting over the teacher choice with my older brother and sister, and complaining about all the homework that I had (when I didn’t) because they did. I was finally a big kid. At last! When we all just picked Daisy up she informed us that she can now “read-ed stuff”.  The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…


  1. ‘Tis done. She looks very, very smart. x

  2. Aww Daisy… Congratulations on making it!

  3. Life will never be the same! She looks gorgeous!

  4. And to think we have to do it all again tomorrow!

  5. too cute. Well done both of you! *s*

  6. Beautiful photo…looking so grown up, hang in there Mumma 🙂

  7. Beautiful & funny girl! Apple doesn’t fall far indeed. Congrats to all of you xxx

  8. Hooray! Good girl Daisy. Brave girl Beth.

  9. Well done to you all. I knew she would blitz!

  10. bloody brilliant Beth. Readed stuff. im glad thats now written down.

    you have big kids. time for another

    xo em

    • Take it easy tigeress. Let’s get more than 1 nights good sleep in 2 months before we start making cray cray decisions like that shall we? PLUS, I would totally have to put out.

  11. Sweet girl! Sending Jacks love to Daisy x

  12. What a big day! What a big girl! These days go by so fast…it seems like just yesterday I was putting my son on the bus for his first day of school and now my mailbox is stuffed with letters from colleges every afternoon!
    Sometimes I wish we had a rewind button…

    Congrats Daisy!!!

  13. Such a big step has been taken! How did you go?

    Wish me luck…my son starts high school tomorrow – eek!

    Rach x

  14. Daisy looks so like you in this photo lady. The first day is always the hardest they say, sounds like it all went very well though :o) xo

  15. Gorgeous.
    They do – but damn it – we don’t.

  16. So beautiful! Now a school jacket in summer, that’s not something you see up our way x

  17. She looks so grown up in her uniform. Is amazing how the uniform miraculously transforms the baby to a big kid *sob*. My girl started school on Tues too. She came home & declared that she had not learnt to read yet, that would be happening tomorrow! Then when tomorrow came & she still hadn’t learnt to read she declared that the teacher had simply forgotten!

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