Moments to remember: October

It’s November this week. I’ll just leave that there because I can’t get my head around it. At all. Christmas catch ups are being planned, social activities are starting to ramp up and the last our birthdays for the year in our little family are now done. It’s going to get busy these next two months, but then isn’t every month busy?

While I am going to spending the next few days making some more memories (overseas!!) with Rob for work, here are some snippets from October that I’d like to remember, it’s been a pretty special month.

The simplicity of a fresh, hot potato scallop with just the right amount of salt on it.

Sunny afternoons at the beach watching kids catch balls and run about, all the cousins together.

Working with friends.

Catching a little moment like this.

Or this.

Or this.

Travelling to a truly beautiful part of the world and spending a Friday afternoon on a boat watching the most stunning scenery past me by. I will never forget those few hours.

Or jagging the shotgun on a HELICOPTER as we flew over snow capped mountains. Now THAT I won’t forget. Ever.

Capturing some special family moments, I don’t think we have ever all been together on one photo before.

And spending some time with the females in the family.

I’m so lucky to be surrounded by so many good women. I have had some fun with my friends this month…chinese banquets, dancing, cooking classes…

And watching the season bring the best of what it does…the pink clematis blooms in October will always makes my heart swell.

What’s something you want to remember from October?
Anyone know where the month went?

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