Things I like {The being at home in May edition}

There’s nothing like May, except maybe April. But in May the weather is a little cooler so let’s say May. The days are starting to get shorter and cooler with a dusting of frost when you open the blinds in the morning. Always a delight to see when Jack has popped overnight for a visit.

When there’s not a frost, there will be mist sitting low, waiting for the sun to hit it and burn off to reveal another picture perfect autumn day. It’s a magical show watching that mist rise and disappear into the day, the sun’s rays putting on a display better than any fireworks you’ll see.

There’s comfort cooking, and eating. A roast chook for dinner fills the house with goodness while the kids circle around for dinner that says, this is home. This is love.

And a quiet moment in the middle of the day when the big girls are at school, and Maggie is sleeping and leftover roast and veggies fried up and eaten to the sound of a crackling fire. A few moments of peace in a busy day.

The colours of autumn are truly spectacular: the leaves, to the fruits coming into season to the camellias bursting in bloom everywhere you look.

The oven and stove top never stop cooking and bubbling for birthday cakes, or preparations for my events that have been on. The house smells and tastes pretty good.

Yep, May is a good time of the year.

What’s May look like at your place?
What are you liking this Thursday morning?
I’m looking forward to some rain we have forecast over the next few days….you?


  1. Awe you make me miss Tumut, where I was born. They do the seasons right!
    Here on the far north coast (Ballina) we don’t get autumn leaves…
    Every time I see your photos I try to convince my hubby for a country change.

    Thursday is cleaning day. Big one at school, middle one at preschool, so only Bub and I….so I can get most of the work done! Then yes to a rainy couple of days! I need to stop, read and relax.
    Have a great day! ?

  2. Over here in France (little tiny cottage) we are experiencing “the empty promises of Spring,” a term I coined when living in Michigan. It could be 80 one day and 50 the next. We love trekking down to a favorite picnic table that’s isolated and overlooks a valley of farm yard/cows (bring Maggie!)and hills in the distance. On the cold days we bundle up and walk about the village; eat something warm and comforting at home.

    I am not missing the 93-degree heat and no rain in our Florida city right now. After we get our long-stay visas, every May to October will be here in SW France, and winters in Florida. We are blessed in our retirement. But missing that little granddaughter in Sydney! She’ll be nine months old when we see her in July and will have changed so much since we saw her last February.

    Your pictures are beautiful, Beth.

  3. Can a blog post literally make you feel cosy? Here’s proof that the answer is yes. Thanks Beth, your words and photography always make me smile. Such a beautiful place you now call home. ❤️

    I’m at home, writing a shopping list, and contemplating getting ready for work this afternoon.

    I love April and May too, autumn is the BEST time of year. Sunshine, cardigans, evenings with the heater on, cosy weekends at home, and lots of looking at recipes and slowing down to appreciate the leaves and sky.

    Having eyes to SEE what we have. That’s what it’s about.

  4. That’s the main thing I miss about living in North QLD, the changing seasons. Those camellias are stunning, I wish my hedge would hurry up and grow. xx

  5. Love those autumn colours and love the idea of the cold – but unfortunately have never lived in a house that was quite equipped to completely deliver on cozy. Have just moved from Armidale to the south coast and must say that I am loving the warmer temps here – but do feel nostalgic for a real autumn when I see your photos. The food looks amazing!

  6. Your May is gorgeous. Autumn is my favourite time of the year in the Southern Highlands- there’s such a nice feeling in the air, and the light is just magical.
    Here in our version of May it is all about spring showers, birdsong, daylight stretching into the night, and honeysuckle about to burst around our bedroom window.
    I am really enjoying the topsy turvy season thing!

  7. just lovely thanku beth!
    we have been enjoying perth, staying in Leederville … fabulous! … with a good friend who took us down to the Margaret river region where it was all beautiful scenery, produce and pretty wineries! and did I mention the food! … lets just say, too good and too much!!!
    now home and it’s raining all pretty good here too!
    much love m:)X

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