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Hello friends! Thought we better sit down and have a proper catch up as it’s been a BUSY week (isn’t every one that way though?) and let you know what I have been up to over the pat few days.  I’m still adjusting to the new rhythm of life with the shop (shooting, packing, sending, re-ordering) and everything that goes with that – throw in writing and blog stuff, social media stuff, toddler stuff and big kid stuff…it’s not hard to see how fast things are moving.

Let’s make a cuppa. And if I had a cake or slice I would roll that too. I miss baking – it always seems to disappear when I am busy but I suppose my “not a fat mole for Christmas 3.0” is happy about that. My diet and exercise has been terrible – I forget to eat and then get to 4pm and shove a couple of peanut butter sambos down my throat with a cup of tea. It’s not ideal…I’ll get into my groove soon enough I’m sure.

The roses in the garden are blooming and looking a treat. Soul sister is this orange one that turns from this shade to a deep coffee, then purple almost. It’s so beautiful. I’ve got cuttings from the garden everywhere inside at the moment. This is the kitchen sink making me smile as I wash up.

Wednesday night last week I hosted a cocktail event with UberKate at Ludo in Bowral which was great fun. Met some amazing women, did some shopping, drank some cocktails and mingled around with locals – doesn’t get much better than that actually does it?

I now own that gorgeous citrine ring that I am LOVING so much. It’s making me very happy indeed – perfect Christmas present for someone special too. You can check out the full range here. Seriously that mint green one below? HEVS. Excuse my terrible hands I am never going to be a hand model as I am too busy for manicures!

Then on Thursday night I was back out again, this time presenting at a Southern Highlands women’s business group. Packed to the brim with smart, funny, savvy women this won’t be the last function of theirs that I go to. I spoke about vulnerability and authenticity in business – give me a platform and I am hard to shut up! Had a great time – if you are local to the area make sure you look up the group on Facebook and ask to join, it’s a great networking group.

The event was also held at Links House in Bowral where there are some great new things happening. I am hoping to get there to check it out fully and do a blog post but locals keep it in mind as a great venue.

Friday afternoon we headed over to my mate Nikki’s place for a quick drink in the spring sunshine before heading to the girl’s hockey presentation (girls both got extra awards they were stoked with). Rob was away camping with his mates so it was me and the girls from Thursday – Sunday arvo. We had the most picture perfect weather all weekend…look at it!

Saturday lunchtime we headed to Lucy’s to have lunch with my Dad and Step mum who were passing through on their way to Melbourne. They have recently been away OS so it was a good chance to catch up on all our collective news, have a bite to eat while the kids played in the garden.

I think I was in bed at 7.30am Saturday night and asleep not long after….so good to be able to do that every now and then – it was much needed!

Yesterday the sun was shining again so it was back out into the garden to get the lawns done and jobs done before Rob got home. I had SUCH a productive day – nothing like those Sundays that set you up for the week ahead!

I also made this pretty wreath for the Remembrance Day service Daisy attended as school leader. I made the base with willow and then weaved in some rosemary and thyme and a few flowers from pots out the front.

As all the washing was put away I poured myself a large Aperol Spritz and then had a lazy night on the couch with Rob back home.

Now it’s Monday again – I’m not feeling the best with a weird gastro thing (it’s been passing around this place for weeks) so it’s peppermint tea and a slower pace for me (if I can get away with it). Lots more deliveries arrived for the shop so I have to shoot all that and get them online. Time to get shopping for Christmas friends…6 weeks to go. SIX. Not ok.

Hope you all have a wonderful week!

What have you guys been up to?
Tell me EVERYTHING! Go on!


  1. Hi Beth,
    Would it be possible to put a link to the shop at the top of your blog homepage? If I google Add to Cart it doesnt come up so I am going to the shop by finding a blog post that mentions it. Maybe theres another way which I havent thought of??

    • Sure thing! It’s on the side bar of the blog a link to the shop and everytime I mention I try to remember to add a link…soz! Url is babymacshop.com.au

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