Windy weekends spent inside getting warm

Oh August I do love to see you. You’re my birthday month after all. You are the start of blossoms popping up, of daffodils and daphne. Your days are longer with the sun rising and setting a little earlier and later in each of your days but seriously? You are windy AF. And we all know how I feel about the wind.

This weekend in particular was revolting in the wind and weather stakes. Friday afternoon a gale blew in telling us that Saturday was going to get a cold front (what cold-er?!) and it did. We had to go to hockey where it was so windy and SO cold that Harper got a bleeding nose, Maggie cried a lot and I said fuck way too many times. We got home, put trackie dacks on, pumped the central heating and fire and I pretty much refused to venture out again.

I did go out to pick some hellebores that looked gorgeous for 7 minutes before drooping like they do. I have tried ALL the tricks…the scalding the chopping the bashing the whatevers and they just droop. What’s the story hellebores? Wind getting you down too?

Yesterday afternoon we did have to venture out though to Milton Park for High tea to celebrate Aunty June’s 93rd birthday which is coming up in a few weeks time – should have known she was a Leo with her spectacular mane of hair still! The big girls got to come along too for a treat – a few cups of tea and cakes and Harper declared she was a big FAN of High tea.

And then afterwards a run through the garden with Harper (my overtired tweenage daughter exhausted from a Saturday night sleepover rolled her eyes when I suggested it waited at the car instead). We looked for fairies (thank goodness I still have two looking for fairies) and marvelled at the gorgeous winter garden and the drop in wind. Ok, that was totally just me.

Today it’s blowing another August gale with arctic conditions behind it. It’s not even good for washing out there. Thankfully my birthday next week will see me reach the age where I can comfortably discuss weather at length and feel a little more at peace with myself.

How was your weekend?
Windy too?
Tell me something good you got up to. Go on!


  1. I visited Milton Park in the early 1980’s and will never forget the bluebells en masse! So much so, now, when i go to dentists or have pap smears snd close my eyes my hsppy place is that scene in my 10 yr old mind. Lucky you with it on your doorstep. Windy here, and again today, a great drying day.

    • Oh Fiona I LOVE this! I think next pap smear I may do the same…lie back and think of the Bluebell wood! It really is magical.

  2. Hot as hell here in the Central Valley of California. It was 104-108 (41-42C). It’s going to be 98/36C this week! A cooling trend. But, the basil in my garden is doing very well!

  3. Margaret Ann Kemp says

    Hi Beth , If you follow Annabelle Hickson on Instagram she has solution for Hellabores , apparently it’s to do with at what stage you pick them . Hope it helps

  4. I have always followed some advice given by an Aunt years ago – to prick holes right along the stems of Hellebores with a needle before putting them into a vase filled with water to the top. Seems to work for a few days at least.

  5. I put my hellebores in an elevated position, such as a bookshelf, so when I am sitting I see up into their faces from underneath – lateral thinking!

  6. It is hot up here in the sunshine state on the sunshine coast
    It’s what we’ve come up here for!
    Dinners ready!
    Love mxx

  7. Sam Spring says

    Hi Beth

    Freezing winds at netball too!

    Annabel Hickson suggests that you wait until the stamens have dropped and then the flowers will last in a vase.

    Looking forward to having a few planted do I can test it out. X

    • I will have to have another look at her images…I have some flowers that have been in flower for weeks and there is no sign of those pods…I have been looking! Thanks Sam 🙂

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