Weekends filled with tutus and big skies

Can you still talk about the weekend on a Tuesday? Not sure if you can, but if you are anything like me you’ll still be thinking it’s about March, when “apparently” it’s going to be December this week so anything goes I say!

We had one of those busy weekends where all of a sudden it was Friday night and all like “YESSSSS mate get that pizza and prosecco in my guts” and the next it was Sunday night and I was wondering why it was all over so quickly. You all know it’s basically the 10th January right?

We had a big weekend of dance concerts…Harper and Mags both do dance (Mags baby ballet and Harper jazz and troupe a few times a week) and it was time for the big end of year concert. It required make up application and dress rehearsals and actual concerts and getting into costumes and buns and I found the whole thing quite stressful and exciting and in the end SO much fun for us all. I was so proud of them…they worked hard and had the best time. I couldn’t believe Miss Maggie trotting out on stage at age 3 no worries. And Harps dancing her own solo that she made up..all those hours and hours and hours of watching Dance Academy and The Next step!

Saturday arvo we headed to our friends place for the start of the festive season…and our first Christmas catch up! See? That December thing I mentioned is actually happening. It was such a gorgeous afternoon, their garden and farm was looking picture perfect…it was just the remedy after a big day of dress rehearsals.

The wind finally died down, the sun shone, the kids played happily and we got to sit and natter, have a drink and something lovely to eat. My idea of heaven.

Of course I asked Dots to smile. I love her.

I always leave these kind of times with our friends and just feel so lucky. Lucky to be surrounded by good people, happy kids that can do their own things, beautiful surrounds. La dolce vita!

Sunday we were back at the concert, then back home to pack up orders from the shop and collapsing on the couch for some TV and then suddenly a whole new week ahead of us.

Today I am excited to be heading to the hairdresser to finally get my hair sorted (this is my 4th attempt in the past few weeks…I had to cancel due to sickness, then I was cancelled to sickness then I got the time wrong and now I try again) and then this afternoon I have Nikki coming to stay for the night. An unexpected trip that I am so looking forward to…it’s been ages since she has been here!

On these crazy weeks go…marching forward!

What have you been up to?
Having fun? Getting stressed? Exhausted?


  1. ooo a sleep over, how fun.

    Beautiful photos, and look at all those gorgeous dancers. So precious.
    Looks like your weekend although busy was delightfully full of great moments and wonderful memories for you to drag out and relive in the future when the days aren’t so full.

  2. Do you live in a little piece of paradise, it sure as hell looks like it! What a lovely shot with that old rocker too! Best wishes to your gorgeous family for Christmas and of course happy and healthy for 2019 – whaaat…Pauline x

  3. how gorgeous is your tiny dancer beth!
    you have really captured the essence in your photography
    for your memory bank
    much love mx

  4. The finale dance concert is so stressful but so much fun. Both my girls dance – one was in 9 dances, the other 4 this year . There was only 13 dances so we had it covered. But the costume stress was next level! Good on Harper performing her own choreography – so good for confidence and self-expression. And your tiny dancer is gorgeous too. Brings back such good memories. I love that mine have stuck with dance as it brings them such joy.

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