Sunday night bonfires

I have a new favourite thing to do: a Sunday arvo/evening bonfire at Mr & Mrs Munro’s top paddock. The text message gets sent out to the group, we go back and forth on what to bring, rock up at 3.30pm and set up camp and enjoy the spectacle of sun set and moon rise.

It take 2.3 seconds for the kids to jump out of the car and head off “let’s go adventuring!” and a whistle into the almost dark night will see them all come out from the forest ready to eat. Things stepped up a bit from the last time we did it (Mr M set up a flood light from his truck) which was much better than torches on our heads. We had a trestle table! Lots of amazing food! Some music! I tell you what, it doesn’t take much to make a good time with people that you love.

The kids love it. The parents have a laugh, a sing and a natter and last night we were treated to THE most amazing moon rise that we got to enjoy from our top spot.

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Oh the good life!

What did you get up to on the weekend?


  1. That is what fills everyones souls – Thanks for sharing Beth

  2. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Simple pleasures are beautiful Beth,thank you for sharing Xx

  3. We just bought a caravan so we can keep it full kitted out and just wander down the road towards the river. Its time to stop making our weekends about catching up on house jobs and to start making some memories!

  4. Snap! Just posted about a similar paddock bonfire we had yesterday for lunch, chopping firewood in the paddock to stock our woodshed for the long Winter ahead. Ours was quite impromptu, and just us three (four?!) and my dad, but a sausage cooked on the fire in bread keeps most happy. And a stocked woodshed keeps me very happy!

  5. How awesome! Definitely what memories are made of x

  6. Sounds so fun; what a gorgeous moon too. Lucky to have times like these to make and keep memories for the rest of your lives… And w the Web, we live on long after we pass. (I miss my sister a lot less when I can look at photos and read her words over and over again.)

    Our weekend was a baby shower for a little guy that I will get to look after in a couple short months. Does it get better than having a baby in the house ?~! You would be the best person to speak to that after this year with the Magster.

  7. perfect!! its like camping with a warm dry bed !!
    what sad was that please Beth ?

  8. Beth, seriously there is NOTHING better than sitting around a fire, sipping on a drink with good friends. And do you know what I love even more about this fabulous post…. I spy my gorgeous friend Annie & Hookie…. I could spot those two little spunks a mile away. Next time you see that gorgeous girl can you please give her the biggest hug known to mankind??!!!!

  9. We have been having bonfires every weekend, in an effort to make up for missing out on bonfires when we move to Sydney. Saturday’s pig on the spit/bonfire was particularly good.

  10. We had a movie afternoon with the girls, open fire lit, good dinosaur on, toasted marshmallows & cornchips…perfect. I just had to entertain the 16month old x

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