Girls Christmas Dinner 2019

Last night we had our annual Girls Christmas dinner – one of my favourite nights of the year as we come together to celebrate another year. I love this Christmas dinner so much – working from home there’s no party to go to, so all of us go all out with great food, lots of bubbles, a sensational table setting – secret Santa and of course lots of dancing and carrying on. As we only know how!

This year was back at Nicki’s place – which meant that it was going to be like stepping into a Nancy Meyers movie. When we walked into the room I literally started to cry it was just SO BEAUTIFUL. How lucky we get to enjoy these beautiful homes and hostesses? Honestly, it’s just the best. It just felt like SUCH a treat.

Nikki’s home is so beautiful, packed full of style and class, it’s an absolute joy to spend time in, I kept pinching myself all night that this was indeed, real life.

She made us all a Christmas stove top jar filed with Christmas spices that you boil – what a gorgeous idea! We were also all given some Christmas butter that we can use under the skin of turkey or chicken we are cooking in the next few weeks. Packed with cranberries and herbs I love this idea too. You can read about these ideas on Nicki’s blog here and here.

Everyone brings a plate – while Nicki did a glazed ham and a turkey as well. The bubbles were flowing and lucky for us we had Steve from Moonacres who lives next door who we could call on to carve our ham.

After we ate it was time for Secret Santa – my fave as we all bring along a $20 pressie which you can then steal off each other. Always so funny as we steal off each other – Lucy’s look says it all here! I got these great margarita salts that I know will be used and loved.

Then things get a little loud, and crazy and as I got to bed at 1.30am and was woken by Maggie to start my day at 5.45, well I wondered if I will EVER learn. I don’t think I will.

We never do. How lucky we are to all have each other as friends in this wonderful little corner of the world. I feel blessed and grateful, truly.


  1. This is THE BEST. Merry Christmas ladies!! Xx

  2. That looks like a very grown up, gorgeous gathering Beth. If I don’t call in again before Christmas, Merry Christmas to you! Off-topic I know but what did you think of Cath’s McQueen Diplomatic Corps Reception outfit, complete with tiara and incredible jewels? I loved it but also acknowledged that those photos are not always the best quality. Anyhoo…onwards to the festive season!

    • Thanks so much Jane! Merry Christmas to you too, agree those shots were not the most flattering – touch of the queen from Sleeping beauty I thought! x

  3. What a wonderful night! I love the Christmas spice idea! And the butter! Thankyou for sharing, my mum will love to receive the same! 😘 #bevalwaysgivingmeideas

  4. What a gift to have a group of friends like that!

  5. So important to celebrate with your best gals! I’ve moved back ‘home’ recently and am so lucky to have found a great group of girls. We went for a six course dinner last night and I FELT FANCY. Also, your dress looks GORGEOUS and so does Nicki’s house!

  6. Oooh how divine!!! And Beth where is your dress from???

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