Christmas in July soiree

Last night we all braved the freezing weather to head to my sister’s place for a girls catch up. We love to do these dinners every so often you can have a look at some of the ones we have had in the past here:

A birthday dinner for Miss Rabbit
Christmas dinner 2016
Dinner at Cottonwood Interiors place

We all hadn’t seen each other in a while and after the school holidays, all the more reason to have a glass or two of something. Given that its July, what better excuse to have a little Christmas in July soiree. The format of these dinners is very simple – everyone brings something to eat and something to drink and we go from there. Last night was even simpler because we decided we wouldn’t even sit at a table bur rather sit down by the fire and graze off platters – a kind of degustation if you will. Perfect for a freezing cold winters night.

Is there anything better than a roaring fire AND Bing Crosby crooning? The answer is no, never.

We started off with some platters of dips. My sis made a white cannellini bean drip (blitz with garlic and lemon and a little oil) and Miss Rabbit made a delicious pate. I could eat pate till my head fell off quite frankly.

And Mrs Munro made her hot suggestions (you can see that she has been doing them since 2015) – dates with gorgonzola inside…delicious!

Luce made some mushroom soup and served it up in little glasses with some mascarpone and lemon zest…what a genius touch. It was SO good and fragrant and took the humble soup to next level.

Then it was onto Miss Rabbit’s pigs in blankets! STOP! Chipolatas wrapped in bacon with a little bit of maple in between. Heaven help me the pants are TIGHT today.

Then my old favourites smoked salmon stacks but this time on bread as I couldn’t get the wontons.

The Luce bought out her chicken pot pies that were served warm. I’m not sure of the exact recipe but it would be something like this. Not a plate in sight! Finger food at its absolute best.

Then onto dessert (keeping our fluids up with endless prosecco of course) some creme brûlées!

Followed by Cottonwood & Co’s Nikki who whipped up the prettiest cake in ALL the land. A grapefruit sponge!

Needless to say by this stage the shoes were off, pants undone and LOTS of leftover cake. We chatted, we drank, we laughed, we sat and completely chilled out for a few hours. It doesn’t take much for Mums does it? Some time away from small people, remembering who we are or were, sharing tales of motherhood (two of the ladies have new babies) and laughing and connecting and wishing that we all could have been away for the weekend.

Maybe some time soon.
A perfect night – thanks for hosting Luce!
What have you got planned this weekend?


  1. Dear god that all look amazing. Especially since I am fasting for a procedure tomorrow and I could eat the arse out of a cow right about now.

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