This & that with a side of exhaustion & sickness

This was me around Tuesday, 10.30am.

This week, on top of this past month, maybe term, who-eeeeee will I be glad to see the end of it! I did my normal post event collapse into a mess of tiredness and exhaustion and of course any of the sickness that I was too busy to deal with last week decided to move on in. Poor Harps has been the sickest (of course she is always the worst hit by anything) poor petal, so we’re all limping to end of term assembly this afternoon and the last day tomoz. Bring that shit ON.

Still buzzing from Saturday’s event though. Can’t believe we pulled it off! I mean, of course we did! But still! I fed 30 people and we all had a great time. Now to get them on the road.

There’s been barely time to write a blog post, so much washing, and generally trying to get some order back into our house for the first time in over a month. As well as trying to rest while I’ve been feeling off and of course look after sick kids. It never ends. Ever.

Spring has sprung, the sun has decided to warm up and shine like a diamond (perhaps a little too much heat these next few days). We are DESPERATE for rain, it has not rained in months and everything is drying to a crisp. It’s no way to start the summer is all I’m saying. Poor farmers.

Some exciting news for Mr & Mrs Munro though…their house is FINALLY on the market and ready to be snapped up by someone. It’s a gorgeous house and they have done a grand job getting her ready for sale. Never looked better! Anyone keen to buy it get in contact with Di Jones and check out her hashtag #43dalestburrawang for more shots. Come and live the dream!

Speaking of the dream – yesterday I took Mum and Luce out for breakfast to Highlands Merchant in Mossy. Can we all take a moment to look at Mum’s french toast? DEAR LORD.

We hightailed it over the road to the new Nest & Burrow shop that has opened opposite Suzie Anderson Home. Man the shops have come a long way in that neck of the woods. If you are a local or visiting make sure you pop in and have a look – an amazing amount of great kids toys too. One stop shop!

I think this was my favourite card that I saw there.

Speaking of shops, did you see that Frankie4 are coming to Sydney for a Pop up Shop event on the 5th-8th October in Rosebery? And more than that, Nikki and I are hosting a Champagne & Shoes night from 5.30pm. There will be 20% off, champagne, and hour long session where Nikki and I will go through all the summer range and talk about best ways to style etc. It is going to be GREAT fun so make sure you save the date and come along…would love to see you there!

There are some great shoes coming out this coming Summer…including these beauties I got to wear in the Maldives…

Did that trip actually happen?

I tell what did happen. Pickles and date loaves and orchids in the late afternoon sunshine. They happened and they were good.

You should make them if you can these school holidays. The recipes for the date loaf is here and the recipe for the pickles are here. Make them. Go on!

Or make a G&T, either or, I’m not fussed.

Now, it’s time to try and get some work done before heading off to end of term assembly. This coming weekend we are heading away for Rob’s Mum’s 70th down to Berry, the weather looks cracking and the house has a pool so I need to make sure everyone is well!

Hope things are all going OK with you guys. Term 3 is full ON, so rest ok? Good x


  1. Oh gosh, I hear you! I am SO EXCITED that tomorrow is the last day of term 3 for us in WA too.
    It’s been HECTIC!

  2. Yay to end of term
    Yay for school holidays
    Yay to this mummy being on holidays too
    Yay to no making morning lunches and washing school uniforms
    Yay to baby mac maybe doing her roadshow in melbourne?

  3. Ps Beth would love a blog post on Mummy handbags from you xx desperate for a new one and I really like the look of that one you have in the pic below – details please x

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