Friday arvo fresh air

You know when you get to that time of the day? 3.30ish. You are tired. A little tetchy. Hungry. Sometimes a cup of tea and a sweet treat will do the trick. Others a quick 5 min nap (if you can be so lucky). It’s not quite wine time. It’s the in between crank of the day for me.

But I have worked out a cure.

A walk. And a walk around here in the fresh, cool, country air will do just the trick. Minds quietened. Moods calmed. Order restored. A little kick in my step to see me through the next few hours of the day before little ones are in bed.

Talk a walk with me…

Better yes? And look! It’s almost time for a drink now….Happy Weekend!


  1. Happy weekend to you Beth. Will join you for a drink later methinks x

  2. ok, You’ve convinced me. I’m going for a walk (to the bottle shop)

  3. gorgeous pics! Happy weekend to you too 🙂

  4. I do the same with my 14 month old way to energised son…does him wonders!

  5. LOL loved reading this-know the feeling so well, halfway through reading I thought, and when you get home its nearly wine time! Same page!

  6. You really live in a beautiful part of the world…enjoy your weekend xx

  7. I do so want to take a walk with you in your neck of the woods. I am confronted by sirens and traffic lights and exhaust fumes. Take me with you!

  8. Ooh… I wish I’d read this an hour or so ago. Excellent advice.

  9. Honey, it’s the same as the 80’s “take a run around the block” that our mothers always said to us, to get that energy out, energy in, breath of nature & as i like to call it ‘the schoolness out’ of my children. Gosh what a glorious walk for you, i live in like a Legoland style of suburban housing, get me out of here, Army rentals, blah. Love Posie

  10. Oh so green, oh so jealous! While I do love my tinderbox farm and it’s tall gums and native grass trees, I would really love to just picnic under a pine tree with green grass around me… Ah…

  11. We rode our bikes to the park round the corner for the first time after school. I have been dreaming of this since we first saw the house. Now it’s ours and the best park ever is close enough for the girls to ride their bikes to! Pure heaven!

  12. At 3.30 the office kitchen for a quick cuppa is as far as I get to walk. Lucky you to be in far prettier surrounds in the middle of the afternoon!

  13. What a beautiful part of the country you live in!

  14. Noice!

  15. Your life, so amazing *sigh*. Beautiful.

  16. Looks so relaxing there. LOVE it!
    Happy weekend Beth! Cheers! x

  17. We do the walk thing too. In fact I posted about it last week, I call it Afternoon Strolling and it is an absolute necessity around here. Time to burn off all that excess energy and also dust off the cobwebs too. Love your photos, what an exquisite part of the world xo

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  19. I think you may possibly live in the same town as my Mother… If I lived there, with the two of you, I would take a walk with you every day! What beauty!

  20. Inhale, exhale, I can almost smell the fresh air! Have a great weekend x

  21. It seems so obvious now you’ve put it in words. I feel this way a lot at this time of day….Walk and water – fabulous option. Thanks for sharing. Love the countryside – so beautiful.

  22. That’s quite an inspiring walk, beautiful property!

  23. Beautiful!

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