Cold weekends filled with flannelette and fires

Here we are flip side of another weekend, wondering how they go by so quickly. Or is that just me? I am so glad that we have just this week to go before there is a bit of a break for the girls. Everyone is a little sick and very tired, and just want to lay around in pj’s. I SO get it.

This weekend we got the chance to do that (well on Sunday at least) Saturday we were up and at it for a 8am hockey game AND a rare vomit from Mags, so let’s just focus on Saturday shall we?

Actually, strike that, on Saturday I got to use up a birthday voucher from last year with a 1 hour long massage. It was SO good to escape the cold wind and completely relax. Plus I got to check out the newly refurbished Berida Manor, which is looking good. Well, the bits I saw at least. I can report the spa is good and the hydrangeas are still in bloom.

Yesterday we got to indulge in pj’s until 3pm. Well deserved and perhaps my favourite thing ever.

I did get a long walk in though, where I saw this little house on the hill looking so sweet.

And then we got out of our pj’s and into warm clothes for a bit of a paddock party down at Mrs Munros now that they are back from their big European adventure. Is it just me or is EVERYONE having the best OS holidays at the mo? My instagram is jam packed with OS goodness which keeps me warmed up as I scroll thing in the morning.

Back to the cold paddock though. There was prosecco. #der #deservedafter10kmwalk

I always feel so much better when everyone is back home where they should be. Are you like that when your friends are away? I love an adventure, but I like them safe and sound too. So good to have Brookie back.

There was a fire. Which kept us warm.

There was adventuring for Maggie who LOVES being at a farm. Any farm.

Check out who she got to have a little ride on. Um, quietly pleased with herself!

And truck adventures with her big sister. BEST ARVO EVER.

We packed up as darkness hit and our bellies were filled with pumpkin soup and chicken cacciatore. Back to school to get through these last 5 days before a break…at last!

How was your weekend?
Did you get extended PJ time?
Ride a miniature pony?


  1. Your life looks so awesome.
    Miniature pony’s, paddock fires, friends, soup and a pj day. You are a fine role model of making life enjoyable.
    Thank you.

    • Highlands Mum says

      Just to hijack a little, I love this comment! We live not far from Babymac and her beautiful family, my kids – now 15 and 16 – were born at the local hospital. On three separate occasions last week, I have had people comment that maybe my kids would be better off if we were in a bigger city. We have a somewhat similar life to Beth (though definitely not as well presented or Insta worthy!) and possibly a little more rural, I always thought it was a fabulous environment to bring kids up in – second guessing myself a little I guess. Glad that someone else thinks this isn’t a terrible thing to be doing to them ?

      • It’s funny when I hosted the Kitchen Bench events so many people asked if my kids were missing our living here…as if! SO much more to gain from growing up here!

      • Your kids will be best off where their “happy” family is. The big city only offers different things not better things or worse things, just different things. The best thing you can give your kids is resilience and they won’t get that with a life of everything handed to them.
        They will be grateful later in life for all that you have done for them.

    • I am lucky enough to have such lovely friends to visit! Thanks Kate x

  2. looks like a great time was had by all beth!
    next will be pony mummy??? … too gorgeous for words!
    we had a family lunch here!
    much love m:)X

  3. Oh I do love your paddock get togethers with the Munro’s!!! Nothing better is there although I can’t even imagine how cold it must have been. xx

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