Ladies Christmas Dinner 2018

Last night I hosted our annual Christmas dinner with our mates, a much loved event on the calendar where we all get to frock up, enjoy a few glasses of bubbles and have a laugh with our secret Santa. This year I was lucky enough to have the house to myself as Rob took the girls away for the night while I finished the Christmas shopping.

Oh the joy of having time to faff about decorating without tending to absolute JOY I tell you. I do love a table scape my friends!

My theme this Christmas has been FAIRY LIGHTS and hydrangeas and I did not disappoint last night with buckets of both.

Standard way we run these things is that everyone brings a plate – and we always have so much food. Lots of nibbles and bits to graze on (except there was a disaster with the eggnog pannacottas that all smashed on the way there by poor Nicki). In the end no one really cares what we’s about catching up, having a laugh and a drink and being grown up.

My favourite part is the secret Santa where everyone can steal from each other…so fun and so many laughs. And this year we had added extra flashing earrings that Zoe bought for everyone.

I kicked everyone out at 1am as I knew I had to get everything packed down and sorted before packing up for Christmas and family visiting that is ahead of us. Another great year behind us….and boy has this one been fast!

If you want to check out any of our other dinners you can here:

What Christmas catch ups do you have coming up this weekend?


  1. just lovely beth!
    have yourself a merry little Christmas my dear!
    to you and yours!
    much love mxx

  2. Maria Savage says

    Beautiful Beth, what a wonderful way to celebrate with special girlfriends, Happy Christmas to you and your family ⛄🎄🎉♥️

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