A country wedding

Last week a group of my local mates down here set up for a wedding in the village that I thought you might like a look at? Who doesn’t love a wedding?!

The Bride and Groom are a lovely couple I had met a few times at various balls we have had here in the village and asked Mrs M to recreate something along those lines for their wedding to be held in our gorgeous School of Arts Hall. We pretty much had free reign to do what we liked with it, with some rough guidelines to use some of Mrs Munro’s creations along with something similar we did to the Winter Wonderland ball a few years ago. One of our local girlfriends who was helping out used to be a florist when she lived in Sydney so with the creativity of those two and the willingness to get busy and work hard we pulled it off.

Started with a 3am trip to the flower markets in Sydney on Friday morning. 2.40am is a really early start to the day. Lucky for me I was already up with one of my kids (FFS!). The markets are very busy  – so much busier than I remembered. We were there at 4.15 and could almost not get a park. They were stunning. Peony season! Hydrangeas everywhere! My favourite!


We were back home around 7.30am and after the school drop off we were stuck into it. A smallish gathering of just 75 guests it looked so gorgeous and fresh under those Munro creations.


And for next to nothing we managed to pull off a lovely centrepiece down the long tables (we needed space in the middle for the large serving platters they ate off). Lots of potted herbs (we got 3 for $10 at the fruitshop and potted them in old tomato tins). There were some David Austin roses, some hydrangeas, succulents, logs and LOTS of candles.

img_0144 img_0148 img_0151

Some asparagus ferns in amongst Brooke’s lampshades to tie it all together.

img_0157 img_0145

Never met a mossy stick I didn’t like. Even amongst the formal arrangements with lilies.

img_0163 img_0152 img_0159 img_0165

Wasn’t it fresh and gorgeous? I loved it. I might have to host some kind of long lunch sometime soon with something like this. You can check out the Pinterest board I created here as well if you’d like to see where we got some inspiration from.

You can also check out some of the past balls we out together for the village.

Winter Wonderland Ball 2012
Winter Ball 2013
Alice in Wonderland Ball 2014

Do you love to create a party or wedding theme as much as I do?
Such a chance to be creative and have fun!
How was your weekend?


  1. Just gorgeous Beth! I am inspired….

  2. Jan Campbell says

    I popped in for a look and it was absolutely lovely. Very beautiful.
    Mrs C

  3. Everything looks so understated and beautful!! Well done, you creative ladies.

  4. That looks bloody gorgeous!!!!

  5. Oh, Beth! That looks devine! I arranged a caterer to come to my home for my 30th (had just had baby 2 and didn’t want to worry about a restaurant) and I decorated our covered area with LOTS of fairy lights, enclosed it with curtains and had LOTS of flowers and candles. I love the flower markets – always go when hosting an event. I’m actually hosting a fundraising dinner for 14, for my friends little girl with CF this Saturday and in the throws of planning. Just did my online grocery shop.

  6. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! I bet that was a huge day but OH MY what fun!! And those Mrs M creations are just gorgeous. I dont think I am creative as you ladies but gee I love party planning, flowers and jzooshing! On another note -I found peonies in my local woolies last week for $8!!!! Winner!

  7. So crisp and pretty, and so much fun, I bet! x

  8. Amazing! Looked so beautiful

  9. Lisa Mckenzie says

    It looks beautiful Beth so pretty ❤️

  10. amazing flowers! … I love the mix and it all looks fab beth! … a great balance!
    I love the building too! the white backdrop is the perfect canvas!
    have a good day hun! love m:)X

  11. I love this on every level from the early morning rising to the finished product.
    Peony flowers for ever!

  12. Wow that looks spectacular! Well done

  13. Looks absolutely beautiful. What a stunning way to celebrate love

  14. How absolutely lovely!! What a lucky bride and groom.

  15. Beth and Mrs Munro you have outdone yourselves. Table Scaping at its best!!!! Love love love it. Oh and Beth – YES to a long lunch, can I book my ticket right now?? There is nothing better than a long lunch!!!

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