Haz & Meghan this is how you do it: Adrien & Kerby’s Burrawang Wedding

With things reaching fever pitch about a certain upcoming wedding next week (OK, maybe that’s just me!) I thought I better share with you (and obvs so Haz & Meghan can see it as I know they read the blog) just how a wedding is done. I am THRILLED to be able to share with you guys a magnificent wedding of some friends of ours that happened in the village last year.

Kerby is my best mate Mrs Munro’s little sister. I love this family SO much. An amazing family of sisters (3 girls just like ours) they grew up in Burrawang with their Mum and Dad, went to the local school just like my girls and are such great people. It has been a joy & privilege to get to know this family since we moved here, celebrate some of their special occasions over the years. The Allen family are a beautiful example of the good people of Burrawang.

When Kerby and Adrien were married in April last year (we missed it as we were in New York) I gasped when I saw the photos. THIS is how a country wedding is done – married in their home in the village,  complete with marching band down the main street past the school, General Store, pub and butcher to our local School of Arts for the reception. They had photos taken at an amazing local property that is picture perfect.

This looks like a dream come true and that’s because it is! This is truly how beautiful it is down here and this day encapsulates that beautifully. Kerby and Adrien put together an amazing event which I know you guys will love to see. I am certain that this wedding was as beautiful, happy and fun as your future married life will be!

All the details (because I know you will want to know):

Location: Burrawang, Southern Highlands NSW
Brides Gown: Toni Maticevski
Photographer: Hannah Blackmore Photography
Makeup: Primrose Playfair
Bridesmaid frocks: Ginger & Smart
Groomsmen suits: Rhodes & Beckett

I hope you all enjoy looking at our own local Royal wedding as much as I did (you especially Meghan). Thank you so much Adrien & Kerby for sharing with us all. This is one party I was SO bummed to miss! And Hannah? Your photos are TO DIE FOR.

Isn’t it something else?
Got any wedding advice for Meghan while she’s here reading?


  1. Gorgeous, stunning wedding dress and the pictures are just beautiful!

  2. Never go to bed angry. It’s fine to know that things may need to be resolved later but remember you love each other for better and worse. Congratulations

  3. It looks straight out of a wedding magazine, totally gorgeous!

  4. OMG I so so so wanted a marching band, I love this story xx

  5. This is the greatest wedding I’ve ever seen. I can’t help but gasp at every photo. The love and joy just beam from the photos. Her wedding dress is just amazing. It makes me want to divorce my husband and remarry him again so I can have this.

  6. Hey Meg!
    I always wondered if you read blogs, make perfect sense you would read this wonderful one. Not to be missed!
    Fellow American here.
    Have a fun time at your wedding.
    It really is true that we woman folk tend to look back on our wedding day to get us through tough times. Remember something in Harry sparked something in you. Enjoy your wedding and God bless!

  7. kellbell says

    Wow! Beautiful dress and such a happy couple.

  8. Stunning! And so special to see – as Kerby and I lived on campus together in the University village at UC. Just beautiful, amazing dress. Pass on my ‘WOW’ and I hope that she is doing well!

  9. This is beautiful, yet simple and elegant and comfortable (in a good way!) safe travels Beth, I will be glued to all royal coverage x

  10. Sarah Vincent says

    I just watched their “Escape from the City” episode on abc and recognised these pics from your blog!! I NEED to find out if they’re running their business in the highlands yet?! Love their story 🙂

    • They are living down in Milton at the moment…but are currently building in the Highlands – such a great couple and two beautiful boys!

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