The Cook’s Cooking School

A long time friend of ours from my teenage years, Anna Phillips has recently started up an amazing cooking school down here in Bowral. The Cook’s Cooking School is an amazing facility owned by charity Your Angel which helps create community cooking classes for those with disabilities and those in the community that need support. I think the thing that’s the best about the school is the phenomenal line up of hosts and presenters that are running classes: with Anna having worked in the industry for such  long time, she has managed to wrangle together every food editor from the country, food producers and Australia’s leading cooks to come and host a class. That’s some serious talent and an amazing array of choice for us…right here on our doorstep!

I was lucky enough to attend one of the classes this week, Mexican Street Food which ran from 6pm to 9pm on a gorgeous Spring evening. The whole night was such fun – hands on learning as well as sitting down and enjoying the feast at the end of it all. Perfect!

Classes are limited to 12 places (there are evening, daytime and weekend classes so no one misses out). After out first lesson on tortilla making, we broke into pairs and were each given a few recipes to cook. It felt like Masterchef trying to read the recipes and make sure we didn’t miss a step – didn’t want to let the rest of the participants down!

There was such a great selection of street food that we enjoyed – different salsas, ceviche, chipotle mayo, chicken and lamb and dessert (avocado ice cream I never thought would be as good as it was). With every pair making a couple it certainly was a feast to enjoy. The facilities are pretty amazing too – great to have enough space for us all.

With all the food ready we headed outdoors to enjoy it – what a gorgeous table setting it was – always a treat to enjoy sitting at a table that has been lovingly prepared. Like Mum said, it was like an episode of Come Dine with Me as we sat around and chatted…always great to meet new people.

There are a great collection of classes coming up like…

Indulge in Chocolate with Michelle Southan (Food Director at Taste)
Let’s BBQ Seafood with Anna Phillips
Spice Essentials with Herbie & Kate
Shared Salads with Janelle Bloom
Platter like a Pro with Kirsten Jenkins (Style editor Delicious Magazine)

Just to name a few…you can check out the whole calendar here and the best thing is classes are just $140 which is so reasonable for learning AND eating!

Be sure to check them out on Facebook as well to keep up to date with new events that come up. Even if you aren’t a local it’s the perfect part to make up a weekend away down here in the Highlands!

The Cook’s Cooking School
15-17 Kirkham Rd
Bowral 2576
[email protected]

Thanks to Anna for gifting me the cooking class….I will be back!


  1. How fabulous. Such a wonderful idea. The food looks delicious

  2. How fabulous and such a wonderful idea. The food looks delicious

  3. I’m a huge fan of Mexican street food! Great setting and the food looks amazing, awesome job.

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