Having a ball

The hangover from last night consisted of me eating eggs with chorizo for a salty fix for breakfast, then some jam (eaten straight off a knife from the jar for some sweet) some tea, some sausage rolls, some brownies and then finally some more alcohol. Kids and big nights just don’t mix do they? The 4 hours sleep last night just didn’t cut it.

But what a night! It was a huge success – great food, wine, decorations and dancing – the perfect night. The only thing missing was snow, but the fog in my head all day almost made up for it! Thank goodness it only comes around once a year…


  1. you rock iwant to be your friend lovelindel

  2. BEAUTIFUL! what a great night! you look amaze.

  3. You are the Belle of the Ball! Glad you wore your sexy black number.

    Next year open it up to your blog fans. We will raise a bucket load.

    PS Are you dying?

  4. love the look of the ball you must have worked your butt off it looks beautiful yep sign me up for a ticket for next year (minus the hangover – cant do kids and hangover just does not work but oohhhhh the red wine I miss the red wine)

  5. Pics look beautiful! Glad it was a big success after all your effort 🙂

  6. OMG I want to move to your town – rocking the LBD’


  7. Hey Stunner! You look gorgeous in that smiling photo. Well done on a successful event.

    Gab x

  8. So so glad you went for the black dress. You look sensational. Lure the table decs too! Marita x

  9. Look at you!!! Love the black dress, so happy you wore that xox

  10. I just love your dress.. it looks amazing.. works so well with bright lips and your hair!!! Looks like an awesome night!! Hangovers are no fun with kidlets!!

  11. Beth, it all looks amazing, including your good self x

  12. Dear GOD I’d turn for you in an instant.

    Today must have hurt. Hurt hard.

    But so worth it.

  13. So very awesome !

    And I LOVE Kim’s comment above ! Love it!
    And you did rock the black dress x

  14. What fantastic photos lady! Looks like a ripper of a night… love those action moves cutting up the dance floor. Your dress, hair and makeup look incredible. Such a wonderful community you’re a part of xo

  15. Great night!! U looked lovely x

  16. Awesomeness.

  17. Looks like a wonderful night, hope you raised the money you needed. Love the decorations and your photos are great, love the natural people shots.

  18. Looking HAWT, HAWT, HAWT x

  19. Hangovers + kids is just insanity.

    How can they have so much energy?!

    Glad the ball was a success. I agree with Mrs Woog, next year, open it to your blogging buds. I’ll come!!


  20. The decorations look just beautiful and I love the blurry effect on the fairy lights – so pretty. The black dress looks fab too – good choice.

  21. The LBD essential…..love that there was dancing

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  23. Beautiful. Beautiful.Beautiful……daughters, decorations,dancing,dazzling and delightful!!!!
    Well done lady…..X

  24. You looked amazing, and so did the ball.

  25. Loving your dress!


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