Cooking & Conversation: Birch X Add to Cart Event

We hosted our first Birch X Add to Cart Event on the weekend in the restaurant - what an amazing afternoon we had sharing ways to host the ULTIMATE feast. Lots of amazing food, wine, chatting, cooking, eating, and then shopping! What better way to spend a Saturday afternoon! Ideas for hosting … [Read more...]

Forage to Feast: a Wild Feast for a New Age

I was excited on Sunday to attend an amazing event right here in our village being held with our local friends from Trolleyd. The event was to help us get back in touch with nature around us: using the weeds we see every day and seeing how we can incorprate them into our cooking and eating and … [Read more...]

Styling You Turned 10 and I went along to celebrate!

You know me, tell me you are having a party and I will BE there. No matter how far or for how short a time, I will wrangle someone to look after the kids and hightail it. And this weekend was no exception, as it was Styling You's 10th Blog Birthday. Nikki has been a blogging friend since March 2011 … [Read more...]

BabyMac Spring Fling Lunch 2017

I held my first "Spring Fling" lunch on Saturday at the gorgeous Wombat Hollow in Kangaloon which was such a success! I am thrilled with how it all went and just had to share it with you guys - especially when the photos are as wonderful as these ones are. I cannot thank Nicki from Cottonwood & … [Read more...]

BabyMac Spring Fling: Tickets selling fast so get booking!

I got an email yesterday asking if there were still tickets available for this lunch on the 16th September and there are! Thought I would quickly remind you of this upcoming event and see if you can grab some girlfriends and pull together a cheeky weekend away before the end of term 3 and school … [Read more...]

At the Kitchen Bench with BabyMac: A SPRING FLING!

Well, well what do we have 'ere? You know what? It's another one of these fabulous events! And while it is indeed again down here in the Highlands, and not on the road, or in your capital city, it's time for me to get behind that bench again and what better time than in the glorious Southern … [Read more...]

Hitting the road: your help needed!

After the huge success of my last two events I want to try and take the show on the road and bring it somewhere closer to you. Yes, you! But that's where I need some help. You see, you being a BabyMac reader already have exceptional taste and will have your finger on the pulse of where's cool … [Read more...]

At the Kitchen Bench with BabyMac – 20th May 2017

I'm still smiling from our event held on Saturday afternoon. And I still can't believe that we pulled these two events off - from an idea around my kitchen table to actually bringing it to life...with real life people out from behind my computer for me to feed and water and really was a … [Read more...]

At the Kitchen Bench with BabyMac – 6th May 2017

I'm so thrilled to be able to share a little of our first event held on Saturday. It's always nerve wracking getting out of your comfort zone and trying something new - especially when it's all up to you! I have been wanting to create an event for people that would bring the blog to life...and this … [Read more...]

At the kitchen bench with Babymac – some tickets left!

Holy MOLY we are hosting our first "At the Kitchen Bench" with me NEXT WEEKEND in beautiful Kangaloon! How did that happen? I am SO excited about this event and thrilled that ticket sales have been going so well. There are a few spaces left for next weekend (pretty much sold out the 20th May) … [Read more...]

At the Kitchen Bench with BabyMac – May 2017 ticket sales

Even though I had a anxiety dream the night before last where I had lots of people arrive for this event and all I had prepared was plain boiled spiral pasta (my kids would be happy with that) I am certain that these will be some great events. There are 2 dates released in May 2017 where you … [Read more...]

2017 BabyMac events: At the kitchen bench

After the great time had at 10 year Blogging long lunch last year (as well as lots of requests from people that missed out) I really wanted to try and get a few more events up and running again this year so it gives me a chance to meet more of YOU guys. While I have plans to head interstate and … [Read more...]

BabyMac Long Lunch: The Debrief

Firstly I need to apologise for the fact that this post has been so long coming! All of you have been very patient waiting for it...but it's here at last! It's been over a month now since I held a BabyMac Long Lunch to celebrate 10 years of the blog and took the chance to host a lunch praying … [Read more...]

The BabyMac 10 year birthday long lunch!

Amazingly - the tickets are now all sold out (in under 7 hours!)! Apologies to all that missed out, I promise to look at hosting some more events in the future (maybe even in different states) as well as different prices points AND to give more notice before tickets go on sale! You guys! I can … [Read more...]