Full & Thorough Reporting: Pavs, pottering & pools

I’ve woken early for the first time since mid December, my mind a little foggy but my heart fill from a wonderful summer holiday. We have been packing as much into the last weeks of school holidays as we can with lots of time at home and around the Highlands, time with family and lots of eating and drinking with friends. Thought I better give you all an update on what we have been up to.

Hydrangeas have been on fire, the last week of hot weather hasn’t been kind to them though. This cool, wet weather will do the trick to get them back to life though.

There’s just nothing better this time of year, maybe except for a bunch of cherry dahlias which just remind me of our local country shows and the start of autumn which will be here soon enough.

We had sad news that our local show isn’t going ahead this year thanks to Covid – first time ever and I will be sorry to not have the running around and making that happens every February or March. Next year…our motto for so much this year I think.

Roses still looking good and enjoying the hot, dry weather we have had.

There’s been some significant home maintenance around these parts too. Lots of deep cleaning of the outside, new plants potted and a never ending list of things to get done in the garden that is just wild and woolly this time of January.

So satisfying to get these kind of jobs done that hang over my head all year. With extra time and quiet work I have been able to get stuff done which mentally sets me up for the year ahead.

There’s been lots of time with cousins and visits to Grandmas. So many swims in local public pools and cousin’s houses. The girls have loved it all so much.

There’s also been lots of social times with friends: a serious amount of pavlovas and platters made and consumed.

And now it’s the first day of term 1 for Daisy who starts year 9. Maggie and Harper start back on Friday (in year 6 and year 1) and I will be ready to start walking and exercising again, stop eating and drinking (as much) and get on with the new year ahead. While the routines can be hard to get back into, I know we will all thrive on it again.

Until then, I will make the most of the last two days and think back on this lovely summer break we have had. Nothing very exciting but filled with all the best stuff that makes your heart sing.

How has your summer been?
Tell me everything!


  1. sounds like the best summer to me,
    swimming was all summer was about for me as a kid. We lived in a beachside town so going to the pool was the BEST and rarest treat.
    cheers Kate

  2. Amanda Higgins says

    I’ve really enjoyed watching on as you’ve shared with us your holiday adventures.
    Holidays for us have been pretty quiet this year. We moved back into our newly renovated and extended home @oaklandcottage in October ,just in time to celebrate our sons 16th birthday with all the family. And I couldn’t have been happier! I’ve always wanted enough room and a table big enough to host my husband’s large family. You couldn’t wipe the smile off my face for days!
    Our pool has just been completed late last week. So my daughter (age 12) had some friends over for some pool fun and a sleepover before they go off to high school this year 😳 Daar lord I’m not ready for my baby to start high school 😭
    And then my son starts year 11 this year (the pointy end of school as I like to call it)
    This year I’m preparing to strap in for a wild ride with my two kiddos.
    Big changes all around for all of us. An exciting albeit stressful year or two ahead.
    I hope the future is bright for my two kids, and I hope the same for tote gorgeous 3 girls 💖
    I still remember meeting your sweet Daisy at the book signing of @stylingyou at the book shop in Bowral. She’s a true gem your lovely Daisy.
    Big hugs to you all
    Manda xx

  3. Sounds like a gorgeous summer! We’ve had the best week at the beach which was dog friendly, then kids spent a week at cousins with a pool. Now they’re sick of the water & couldn’t be tempted to go one last time despite yesterday’s heat 😂. Thankful for easing of restrictions just in time for some time to see family in Canberra. But, not quite ready for it to start all over again – Weekend sport especially:(

  4. I actually screen-shotted that fruit platter to copy for one I made on the weekend. I’m going to do that cheese platter too, thank-you ploise. The colours are gorge.

  5. Fresh flowers and yummy platters are deeply pleasing aren’t they? I love this post.

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