Renovators, mount up!

It was a clear black night. A clear white moon…oh hang on.

So, I have an update for you guys. Nothing too dramatic, but exciting! Slash exhausting. But mostly exciting! We are renovating our home! It’s been years in the planning and will take 9 months or so (probs a year right I am discovering with planning anything to do with building). I just had to get it out, straight up before I navel gaze into a blog post like a blogger about to tell you a recipe…all the preamble, give the recipe to me straight Beth.

We are renovating our house.
Moving out for a while to the next town to us now.
Moving back into a refreshed version of our beautiful home when it’s done.

It’s been 12 years this October since we moved into our house. Remember when we did it?

Remember all those milestones? Here’s a recap:


I really still do, so clearly. Making the move here was the best thing we ever did for our family. The best! Our community, our friends, this country has just been so special for us. I am such a homebody and I love everything home stands for: the safety, the comfort, the peace and calm. I love that it says family. The so many wonderful memories we have created in this home I will be grateful for every single day, I know I am. There’s not one moment where I STILL don’t pinch myself.

Our home is about 20 years old now (I think) it needed to be painted inside and out thanks to the heavy-duty weather we have here in the Highlands. We needed to recarpet the place inside and out and re-jig the early 2000 bathrooms and kitchen that needed leaks fixed. We needed to create better outdoor spaces in the garden. We needed to make the house better for teenagers and grown-up kids for them to be together, not just in their rooms. So we started planning and hoping and prepping for these changes. Our friend the very clever Halvorsen Interiors has drawn us plans and will create a gorgeous new version of our home to enjoy for another 20 years. We didn’t want to move, this home and village is as much as a part of our family as we all are. She desperately needed some TLC and I am so excited that we will give her the glow up she deserves.

We are moving to the town next to ours and we are currently deep in the process of moving. I have been knowing this was coming for the past 12 months or so and thought of packing up a house with 12 years of STUFF, especially little kid stuff, has been overwhelming. I try and cull and clear as we go, keep things clean and tidy but there’s still SO much STUFF. This past week Lucy , Rob and I have worked like dogs driving to and fro between the two house moving with literally our cars and reject shop tubs and project ten bags. It’s been exhausting and exhilarating. We should be in by this time next week before the new school term starts. I can’t believe it’s here and we are doing it.

As for the renovation, well of course it’s going to be exciting sharing all that with you. We are turning our bedroom into a second loungeroom for the teenagers. It’s always been such a big room (even with a fireplace we have never used) so to give that space to the kids will be exciting. We are adding on just one room (our grown-up bedroom). Our current living area will be turned upside down. The TV/fire area on the cold southside of the house will become our KITCHEN, our living area moved down to the sunny northside where Maggie’s play area is now…doors outside to a proper space outside to enjoy the garden. Our current kitchen will be our dining room. And best of all? I FINALLY GET A LAUNDRY. Jess and her team will be managing it all for us and we will be delightfully be watching on to see the next phase all come to light.

This has all been such a huge mind block for me for so many years. I knew that something had to happen but I didn’t want to leave our home. I love this place SO much and the thought of change was very overwhelming for me a control freak who loves routine…especially all the work that comes with it all, but as we are in the depths of the first stage now, the move out I am just excited about what come and can feel the freedom of what’s ahead. I’m nervous about all that is to come…the decisions, the cost the EVERYTHING at a time not ideal to start to do something like this, but to see the old girl shine? Well, it’s going to be amazing.

Can’t wait to share the process as we go along. So, if you see me in a different home for a bit, that’s why. There will be no more fire shots in the morning or the evening for a while, but then we will be back! Hot vignettes and sweeping views a go-go.

Hold me.


  1. Oh Beth that is so bloody exciting. Good on you. It will be amazing. Happy moving.

  2. How exciting Beth!!

  3. SO FREAKING EXCITING! You deserve all the good things Beth, enjoy the process!

  4. Wow! That is so exciting! Exhausting yes, but look forward to that moment when you walk back in to all that sparkling newness – it will be amazing! Can’t wait to follow along and see what you do with those spaces – for what it’s worth, I have followed your blog since you just after you moved from Sydney – I don’t think I have followed anyone else for as long! Cheers, and best wishes for the next few months!

  5. Squeeeeee! How exciting… and I am here for it.

    Oh the decisions… the best advice I received when we were renovating and had decision paralysis… Go back to your inspo.

    Can’t wait to watch it all unfold xxx

  6. Oh Beth I am so excited for you ! I did wonder what was coming up and now I can sticky beak along with your Reno .

  7. Charmaine says

    I am excited to see the new home. It will be fabulous with your special zjoosh powers. Having moved recently, yes it was traumatic and challenging but the other side is way way better. Good luck!

  8. So exciting!! What an ordeal though! Great work with the move and hope it all goes exactly to plan xxx

  9. Exciting times! Looking forward to following along! Good luck.

  10. So exciting! Will the septic system be updated at the same time so you can survive the rain every year? Good luck with the move & all the reno & decisions- the end result will be worth it. Can’t wait to follow along.

  11. So exciting Beth! Can’t wait to follow along. It’s all going to be worth it!

  12. Your house is already so divine ❤️ – this will be off the charts!! Having built a house years ago, you’re gonna need all the gin! I remember sobbing to Mum about the wrong cupboard handles. I can laugh now but sheesh!!! 😵‍💫 Excited for you and wishing you all the luck xx

  13. How exciting!!!
    I can’t wait to see what you guys create .
    I feel your pain with the moving, when we purchased our dream home back in February, packing up a home we had lived in for 20 years was a nightmare. That things you find lol
    Good luck with it all lovely x

  14. I’ve been spending as little time on social media as I can BUT going to have to check in on your Reno often! Exciting! Enjoy and I hope the disruptive side isn’t too bad!

  15. Yvonne Duke says

    How lovely that you can change your house to suit your growing family ! We just downsized to a townhouse, I know what you mean about having so much stuff !!! 😳🤞😍

  16. How exciting! Cannot wait to watch the transformation of the home!

  17. Good Lordy woman you don’t do things by halves! I’m just crossing fingers you get a new bio cycle/ septic set up. I’ll be following with happiness for you and the family. More happy days ahead in your home 🏡

  18. How wonderful! We are mid-way through a major renovation for the exact same reason as you (not wanting to leave our home but wanting to create spaces for the teens) and it’s all of the things! Amazing, terrifying and EXPENSIVE. Hopefully it will be worth it!
    I have never had to make so many decisions in all my life and so many things I hadn’t considered, but I can’t wait to for it to be finished.

  19. Love and strength and gin and deep breaths! Can’t wait to watch along

  20. I so remember when you moved… cant wait to see the new and improved house!!

  21. This is big news Beth! Woo hoo!! Think of the choices, tile selections and shower heads and taps and carpet and a big new sofa… woo hooooo!! I’m stoked for you all and bonus stoked as a blog reader.

  22. A move from a home & house for kids to a house and home for all ages! Congratulations Beth & Rob & we are all here for the “hand holding, the celebration & the worries and the great reveal” exciting !!!

  23. Nina Evans says

    Oh my goodness this is so so exciting! How amazing to glow up a place you already live so much – doesn’t get better and will all be worth the upheaval for sure!

  24. How exciting! I love a good Reno and can’t wait to see the finished product.

  25. Margaret says

    So exciting Beth. Looking forward to seeing the renovation.

  26. So exciting Beth and family! Thrilled to watch along!!

  27. How exciting! Can’t wait to watch this all unfold!

  28. So excited for you Beth and the fam bam.
    Looking forward to your progress pics!
    Just can’t imagine how it could possibly be better, it’s all about your wonderful stying talents, every success 🤗❤

  29. So exciting for you all. It will be even more fabulous 😍😍😍😍

  30. Congratulations on the start of a big, new adventure. The recent affection you lavished on that skip makes sense now 😉
    I think you’ve picked just the right time to set the scene for the next stage of your family’s life. It sounds like you’ve got a great team of professionals to carry out the project. It’s always better to move out during renovations, if possible. I’m looking forward to the big reveal of your expanded and renewed home. Best of luck 🌸

  31. Wow 🤩 exciting news. We have just downsized and the move was exhausting so I feel your pain. and now we adding our own personal touch to our new home. Lots of ideas and lots of expenses. Good luck, I look forward to watching your progress. Thanks for sharing.

  32. Veggie mama feat warren g says

    WILD!! Good luck and don’t forget to … regulate


  33. I’ll miss your fireplace pics in the morning and night but am looking forward to seeing the journey unfold. Best of luck and (try to) stay sane🙃😊

  34. Phew! Hav just caught up on the Reno news. Exciting stuff. You’ll see just how quickly the time flies past. Can’t wait to see the Cha get up.

  35. Sounds lovely! B’y da Jaysus, You had me giving a mental wth “cold southside and sunny northside”…Canadian here in the northern hemisphere! Looking forward to my trip to Tasmania and NZ next March!

  36. I didn’t think you would leave your beautiful village 👏.. The Reno will be very exciting.. I miss going up to southern highlands due to kangaroo valley land slides …

  37. Katy Potaty says

    I freaking cannot WAIT to see the glow up in true fab Beth style!
    Best of luck with it all x

  38. Christine Grice says

    Moving on its own is traumatic let alone with all the new changes coming. Be brave!! Go slowly! Make sure you have “me” time and enjoy the journey, it will be wonderful!! 🤗😘

  39. Absolutely so excited for you and the family with this next stage of your hectic and busy life. I know what you mean about things you accumulate, we downsized in February from our house with a huge garden to a 3 br apt down the coast.
    We got rid of so much stuff before the move and then again once we started unpacking here.
    Your renovation will be a mix of delight, happiness, teeth clenching, hair pulling and prob a few tears and once its over with and you are all back in that beautiful house in that stunning village, you will know it was definitely all worthwhile. Good Luck and looking forward to watching the progress.

  40. That’s exciting and a bit overwhelming. Glad I came to your blog as I felt a bit sad you were leaving your lovely home behind! But, she’s just getting a makeover! Good luck. Can’t wait to see the progress!

  41. I hear you Beth, we are about to renovate just our kitchen and I have found that process overwhelming , have I chosen the right colours, will it all work together, how will I stop the dogs barking when the tradies arrive, how will be manage with a make do kitchen for a family of 5 in our laundry …….well I can’t wait to see how you house Reno goes, I’ve loved your home so much over the years especially all the artwork and dinner parties

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