12 months

It’s been 12 months today since we moved into our house. Since we started a new life. Since so much. More than I can write here or that can be explained in a post.

This place has changed me. I feel like a proper grown up here – making friends, starting schools, starting everything over. This place has made me. I feel like we are more of a family here then we ever used to be before. A proper family unit. This place is more like home than any place I have ever been to before. I have enjoyed every single one of the 365 days we have been here, been grateful for every single one of those days and still pinch myself that we get to call this place ours. I have loved sharing it with friends and family, eating, drinking, laughing, being. And with all of you out there in the air, somewhere, floating about. The loneliness and distance from all I have known has been made all the less with your emails and comments that greet me each and every time I open my email.

Without getting too emotional and teary (which I am this morning for many reasons) I’ll let the {12} pictures for the {12 months} do the talking. Some times words just don’t say enough.

: Somewhere over the rainbow
: Way up high
: There’s a land that I heard of
: Once in a lullaby

: Somewhere over the rainbow
: Skies are blue
: And the dreams that you dare to dream
: Really do come true

: Someday I’ll wish upon a star
: And wake up where the clouds are far behind me
: Where troubles melt like lemon drops
: High above the chimney tops
: That’s where you’ll find me

: Somewhere over the rainbow
: Bluebirds fly
: Birds fly over the rainbow
: Why then, oh why can’t I

: If happy little bluebirds fly
: Beyond the rainbow
: Why, oh why can’t I


  1. I believe that’s my dream you are living.
    Congratulations Beth, on your re-invention and your deserved happiness X

  2. Stunning. Breathtaking photos. I love the first birthday.. what a darling. And christmas… to to dreamy. Get teary, I’ll join you, been feeling like this most of today too. Big hugs Lou xxx

  3. It all looks positively idyllic. Good on you for taking a leap and following a dream xx

  4. Beth , it’s so beautiful. You are super lucky to be living such a gorgeous dream. My favourites – the Christmas tree and the open fire!

  5. What a beautiful post. Your 12 months so beautifully captured here.

  6. That’s the stuff dreams are made of right there!


  7. I’ve said it before, I love your house. Congratulations on twelve months- I hope one day our family will find a house we are just as happy and complete in.

  8. Its beautiful Beth. You are definitely living the dream. I bet you have to pinch yourself every day! I love the changing of the seasons that we see in all of the fireplace pics. Gorgeous. C xo

  9. Congrats, I have loved reading and dreaming along with you,and seeing all the beauty and prettiness you share…cheers!

  10. That brought a tear to my eye Beth. Beautiful. Even though I don’t *know* you, I am so happy for you. xx

  11. Absolutely gorgeous Beth! I hope the next 12 months and 12 years etc are just as wonderful! Love reading your blog – for your honesty, humour and wicked ability to ‘keep it real’. I too moved from Sydney to the country a little over a year ago and it truly was the best thing I ever did (although I will confess I moved to marry a farmer which is a whole other story). You make me remember how lucky we are to live in real communities, surrounded by nature and weather and everything else! Thank you

  12. Gorgeous.


  13. Just beautiful. And what makes it even more beautiful is that you are grateful for it. Well done Beth. xo

  14. I feel privileged to share just a little bit of this dream with you.

    You’re one lucky lady. x

  15. That hens do you threw was stunning it still makes me want to get married again.

  16. I love the photos and the fact that you are living your dream. I’m about to move to the country myself and hope is goes half as well as your move! Congratulations on a year!

  17. My husband and I are having massive hard and teary conversations about doing this move to the country to live in our dream house right now. If we go it has to be in 3 months but it’s dependant on so many things and we love so much of life in sydney still too. Eurgh! Having read your blog for almost a year, I want to say thank you because you’ve helped me be less scared of change and a big move. *s*

  18. how the hell did i miss this beautiful post.

    now im teary.


  19. What a beautiful home. I have just passed my one year anniversary in my new dream home by the sea. Its amazing how quickly time passes

    Love the picsx

  20. OH I LOVE YOUR PICTURES LADY! I really wanted you to know how much, hence the capitals ;o) Well done on a whole year. Best leap of faith I bet you ever took xo

  21. The spoils of being bold and courageous.

  22. So beautiful…..your home, your family, your words, your blog. Happy 1st year anniversary!
    Nattie x

  23. Congrats and hope it is the first HouseDay of many x

  24. Hope you all get to grow old there
    Its beautiful

  25. Just perfect!

    Happy 12 months.

    Traci x

    PS I showed your Christmas loungeroom to my husband and said “I need one just like this”….maybe my dream will come true too =)

  26. Utterly fabulous. Your pot of gold is brimming, overflowing, unliftable and impossibly shiny. x

  27. simply beautiful. the pictures say it all, and now i’m feeling a little teary too. xx

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